What time is EastEnders on iPlayer tonight?

What time is EastEnders on iPlayer tonight?

BBC iPlayer will premiere all four weekly EastEnders episodes every Monday starting from June 14 for three weeks whilst the Euro’s take place. The episodes will be available from 6am.

What time is casualty on at tonight?

Tune in at 8.20pm Saturday on BBC One.

Is casualty finished forever?

The show was launched in 1999 as a spin-off of Casualty, and quickly stood up on its own and had 23 seasons, the show will draw to its conclusion in March 2022, with Holby fans being promised the show “will get the send-off it deserves”. Casualty and Holby City air on BBC One.

Who are the actors in Casualty tonight?

Casualty Characters

  • Charlie Fairhead. Played by Derek Thompson.
  • Connie Beauchamp. Played by Amanda Mealing.
  • David Hide. Played by Jason Durr.
  • Dylan Keogh. Played by William Beck.
  • Ethan Hardy. Played by George Rainsford.
  • Iain Dean. Played by Michael Stevenson.
  • Jacob Masters. Played by Charles Venn.
  • Jade Lovall. Played by Gabriella Leon.

What time is casualty on tonight 6th March 2021?

Casualty, 8.20pm, BBC1 Everyone’s ducking for cover in the ED – Connie’s on the warpath and she’s taking no prisoners.

Why is Casualty not on 20th March 2021?

Downton Abbey cast interview (Digitalspy) Casualty fans have a little longer to wait for their weekly ED fix, as the show unfortunately isn’t on tonight (March 20). The BBC One medical drama won’t be airing in its usual Saturday night slot due to the France vs Wales Six Nations rugby match being broadcast instead.

Is Eastenders on tonight 26th March 2021?

Eastenders – 26 March 2021 – 26/3/2021 – Friday – BBC.

Does Jacob die in casualty?

The high-stakes scenes saw Jacob targeted by an unstable Roy, who, after a tense half-an-hour, died by detonating a bomb outside the ED. Thankfully, Jacob was able to get away just in time, but his traumatic ordeal has left us with a batch of new questions about what will happen next…

Does Jacob Masters have a child?

He made his first appearance during the twenty-ninth series episode “If You Could Bottle It”, which was broadcast on 18 July 2015. Venn’s casting was announced on 13 February 2015 and he began filming at the show’s studios that same week….

Jacob Masters
Children Blake Gardner (son)

Does Ellen die in casualty?

The actress was not allowed to discuss her exit storyline until after Ellen’s departure had aired. Casualty producer Jane Dauncey wanted to surprise viewers. In the episode titled “Silent Night”, broadcast 24 December 2006, Ellen is hit by a motor bike and killed.

Does ABS Marry Ellen in casualty?

Abs had originally developed feelings for Ellen’s half-sister, Nina, but when Ellen lied to her about the danger she faced from her supposedly abusive father back home, Abs agreed to get married simply to help her get a visa.

Does ABS Mary Ellen in casualty?

She moaned “Casualty The Abs/Ellen/Nina triangle is ludicrous – and now dull, too.” Tom Adair of The Scotsman branded opined that Abs marrying Ellen so she could obtain a visa was “limp” story telling.

What happened to Selena casualty?

In S21 E47, Selena was fatally shot in the back of the neck by a deranged patient whilst pregnant with her and Nathan Spencer’s daughter who was later called Angel. She died too, in S22 E03.

What happened to Josh in casualty?

At the end of “Killing Me Softly,” (episode 15 from Season 21) Josh was stabbed in the left hand side of his neck in the back of an ambulance. He was still bleeding and his attacker closed the door on him when the episode ended.

How did Nina leave casualty?

Former Casualty actress Rebekah Gibbs has died from cancer. The 41-year-old played paramedic Nina Farr for more than 100 episodes of the BBC medical drama between 2004 and 2006. She left Casualty to have a family and was diagnosed with cancer after the birth of her daughter in 2008.

When did Rebekah Gibbs Die?


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