What transmission does a 98 Jeep Cherokee have?

What transmission does a 98 Jeep Cherokee have?

four-speed automatic transmission

What is the difference between a 42RE and a 44RE transmission?

The difference is how much torque they can handle. The 44 is a bit stronger than the 42. They have the same gear ratios. The 46 RE has a larger housing and a different 1st and 2nd gear.

How much power can a 46rh handle?

I suspect a 46rh in good shape would hold up pretty well behind 300-350 hp, unless you’re really beating on it. If it needs to be rebuilt it can be upgraded with 47rh internal parts very easily and inexpensively.

How much power can a A518 handle?

A518/46RH (‘91.5-’93): Depending on the health of the A518, 250 to 350-rwhp is all we feel safe recommending you send through it. However, also like the A727, a reputable non-lockup converter and valve body work can keep an A518 alive at or near the 400-rwhp mark for quite a while.

How much torque can a 46re handle?

At least 350+ft/lbs. since the 360 engine is in that range. The transmission should be able take more though. A shift kit will add about 10%, since it increases the line pressure by about 10%.

What is a A518 transmission?

The A-518 is also known as a 46RH transmission and was used extensively by Chrysler in the early to mid- ’90s as a replacement for the A-727. It is the heavier-duty cousin of the A-500 overdrive, typically used behind V-6 engines in the mid-’90s.

Are all 46RE transmissions the same?

Are all 46re transmissions the same? All 46Re’s are not the same. Basically, the short form is that ’96-99 Dakota and Durango interchange. ’96-99 Rams interchange.

Who makes the 46RE transmission?

The A518, which was later renamed the 46RE, was introduced by Dodge in 1990. It is a variant of the A727 and comes with overdrive added to it. The majority of vehicles that this transmission is used for include larger vans and trucks, such as the Durango and the Ram pickups.

What year did Dodge have transmission problems?

Dodge trucks manufactured between 1999 and 2003 are especially prone to transmission problems. These trucks used the Dodge 45RFE automatic transmission, which had significant reliability issues.

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