What type of oil does a xr100r take?

What type of oil does a xr100r take?

The suggested engine oils that should be used for a Honda XR100 have a rating of 10w-30, which include Pro Honda GN4, HP4 4-stroke Oil, Honda 4-stroke Oil or anything that is equivalent, as stated in the owner’s manual. The Honda XR100 is air- and oil-cooled.

How fast is a Honda XR 80?

Honda XR80R
Predecessor Honda XR75
Engine single cylinder, four-stroke
Bore / Stroke 47.5mm x 45.0mm
Top Speed 49 mph

Is a Honda XR80 a 2 stroke?

The Honda 80/100 was first introduced in 1979 as the XR80 and 1981 as the XR100. The bike was an updated version of the super popular XR75s of the 1970s. Honda transformed the 80/100 into more of a play bike as the 2-strokes took over on the racing side.

What synthetic oil does Honda use?

As far as engine oil, we carry the Honda engineered 0w-20 product. That is the cheapest insurance you can buy for your vehicle! Starting with the 2011 models, most new Honda vehicles will come from the factory with the Honda engineered 0w-20 synthetic oil.

Is Honda Genuine Motor Oil synthetic?

Honda Genuine Synthetic Blend Motor Oils are premium quality, all-season, synthetic blend engine oils designed to provide optimum engine protection for Honda and Acura vehicles. They surpass Honda and Acura requirements to further minimize harmful engine deposits and maximize fuel economy.

What happens if I use 5W30 instead of 0W20?

In winter it will be fine but in summer the viscosity will be thinner in high temperatures. The engine will survive but there may be long term damage. Stick to the oils recommended. Originally Answered: What happen if my car requires 0w20 and I put 5w30?

How long does 0w20 synthetic oil last?

How Often Should You Change Synthetic Oil? Standard oil change intervals are typically listed at 5,000 miles or 6 months to ensure peak performance. Toyota models that are required to use 0W-20 synthetic oil extend that interval to 10,000 miles or 12 months.

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