What was Julius Caesar greatest accomplishments?

What was Julius Caesar greatest accomplishments?

Julius Caesar was a renowned general, politician and scholar in ancient Rome who conquered the vast region of Gaul and helped initiate the end of the Roman Republic when he became dictator of the Roman Empire.

What did Julius Caesar accomplish while in power?

Julius Caesar was a political and military genius who overthrew Rome’s decaying political order and replaced it with a dictatorship. He triumphed in the Roman Civil War but was assassinated by those who believed that he was becoming too powerful.

What made Julius Caesar so successful?

Julius Caesar transformed Rome from a republic to an empire, grabbing power through ambitious political reforms. Julius Caesar was famous not only for his military and political successes, but also for his steamy relationship with Cleopatra.

Was Julius Caesar a good leader in the play?

Caesar was not only strong in a military sense, he was one of the smartest leaders as well. Julius Caesar was a successful leader because he knew how to manage his power and popularity, he handled foreign policy very well, and he knew how to show his strengths.

Why does the ghost of Caesar appear to Brutus?

Like many Shakespearean ghosts, Caesar’s ghost appears both to haunt the guilty conscience of his murderer and to foreshadow an imminent doom. He appears as Brutus is doubting his own righteousness as the battle turns against him and foreshadows Brutus’s death by his own hand at Phillipi.

What makes Antony a good leader?

Along with being confident and noble, Antony would be a great leader because he can be persuasive. Since Antony had great speaking skills, he could get people to think the way he wants them to think.

What is the main purpose of Brutus soliloquy?

The purpose of a soliloquy is usually to display the inner conflict of a character debating with himself. In Brutus’s case, this conflict is so thoroughly resolved that, while at the beginning of act 2, scene 1, he is unsure of whether to join the conspiracy, by the end of the scene, he is effectively leading it.

What is the purpose of Brutus soliloquies in this scene?

In Scene 1, Brutus delivers many soliloquies. What is the purpose of the first one? To show Brutus’s internal conflict about whether or not to join the conspirators or not. It also shows that he decides to join Cassius, because he believes power corrupts people.

What finally makes up Brutus mind as to what to do?

What line tells you that he has made up his mind? Brutus has decided to join the group of men who want to kill Caesar. The line that tells you that he has made up his mind is “It must be by his death: and for my part, I know no personal cause to spurn at him.”

For what reason does Metellus Cimber want?

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What does Lucius give to Brutus in Scene 1? He gives Brutus a letter from the Conspiracy
For what reason does Metellus Cimber want Cicero to join the conspirators? He is wise (“Silver Hairs”)

What message does Antony’s servant bring?

Antony’s servant enters with a message: Antony, having learned of Caesar’s death, sends word that he loved Caesar but will now vow to serve Brutus if Brutus promises not to punish him for his past allegiance.

What does Brutus promise to Antony’s servant?

Antony’s servant tells Brutus that Antony will follow Brutus if he provides a reason for Caesar’s murder. Brutus responds that Antony should come and they will not hurt him.

What is the effect of the servant’s message?

What is the effect of the servant’s message? The message withholds information about what the seer foretold. The message foreshadows Caesar’s death by describing a bad omen. The message creates tension by trying to discourage Caesar from going out.

Why does Antony send the servant?

I suspect you are referring to Act III, scene i, just after the Conspirators have murdered Caesar. Antony has made himself scare and sends his servant ahead of him to ask the Conspirators if he might speak with them.

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