What was the Dow Jones on January 20th?

What was the Dow Jones on January 20th?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJI) gained 0.4% or 116.26 points to close at 30,930.52. Notably, 18 components of the 30-stock index ended in the green while 12 in red. Moreover, the Nasdaq Composite finished at 13,197.18, surging 1.5% or 198.68 points due to strong performance by large-cap tech stocks.

What was the stock market on January 19 2009?

New York’s Dow Jones industrial average jumped 115.78 points to 10,725.43, while the Nasdaq composite index rose 32.41 points to 2,320.4 and the S&P 500 index was ahead 14.2 points to 1,150.23….P.M. market numbers: January 19, 2009.

Dow Jones
Close 10,725.43
Change +115.78 or +1.09%
YTD +2.85%

What was the stock market on Jan 20 2008?

The Dow Jones industrial average dropped 332.13 points, or 4.01 percent, to 7,949.09. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index slid 44.90 points, or 5.28 percent, to 805.22.

What was the DJIA in 2009?

Dow Jones – 10 Year Daily Chart

Dow Jones Industrial Average – Historical Annual Data
Year Average Closing Price Annual % Change
2011 11,957.57 5.53%
2010 10,668.58 11.02%
2009 8,885.65 18.82%

Is 2020 good year to buy a house?

Economists say that 2020 will be a positive — though not exactly stellar — year for the housing market. And that could be good news for renters and home buyers alike. “If interest rates go up 100 basis points, we’ll be off,” Doug Duncan, chief economist at Fannie FNMA, -0.72% said.

What will real estate look like in 2022?

Looking forward, they expect prices to rise by just 3.5% from March 2021 to March 2022. A recent Reuters poll of 40 housing analysts suggested that house values in the U.S. will rise more slowly in 2022. The surveyed analysts estimated that values would rise by 10.6% this year, followed by a gain of 5.6% in 2022.

How many houses should you see before buying?

How many times to look at a house before buying? Ideally, four to six viewings should be sufficient. Attending two to three visits inside, with a realtor and/or appraiser, and another two to three visits scouting the house and neighborhood independently, from the outside, may be a good approach.

Is January a good time to buy a house?

Generally, winter is a better time of year for buyers looking for a good deal. During the winter and specifically January, there is a scarcity of buyers. This is especially true where temperatures dip dramatically and fewer people want to venture out into the cold.

Should I buy a house in December or January?

Winter Is The Best Time To Buy A Home The median sales price at closing during winter is some of the lowest. Based on the data above, you can see empirical evidence showing January has the lowest median sales price at closing and stays on the market the longest = the best time to buy a home.

Is it better to buy a house in December or January for tax purposes?

If you want to increase your deductions for the coming year, then you may want to choose to close in January. The normal allowable home purchase deductions will be the points, interest, and property taxes which you pay. As a reminder, keep in mind that mortgage interest and principal payments are paid in arrears.

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