What was the highest price for Exxon stock?

What was the highest price for Exxon stock?

The latest closing stock price for Exxon as of July 02, 2021 is 63.17.

  • The all-time high Exxon stock closing price was 104.38 on June 23, 2014.
  • The Exxon 52-week high stock price is 64.92, which is 2.8% above the current share price.

What was Exxon stock in 2018?

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM)

Date Open Low
Mar 29, 2018 73.33 73.26
Mar 28, 2018 73.74 72.78
Mar 27, 2018 74.00 73.28
Mar 26, 2018 73.65 72.75

When was the last time Exxon Mobil stock split?

Exxon Mobil Corporation has had 5 splits….XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation.

Split date ▼ Apr 14, 1997
Ratio 2 : 1
Price (close) 51.75
Price the day before 101.25 (Apr 11)
Change 2.22%

Is Exxon a buy?

Bottom line: Exxon stock is not a buy. Investors can check out IBD Stock Lists and other IBD content to find dozens of the best stocks to buy or watch.

Is Exxon a good long term stock?

An attractive stock for long-term investors ExxonMobil’s stock price has a high correlation with oil prices, which makes the stock volatile. However, for long-term dividend investors, the stock currently offers an attractive yield of roughly 6.2%.

How many shares of XOM exist?

Share Statistics

Avg Vol (3 month) 3 23.74M
Shares Outstanding 5 4.23B
Implied Shares Outstanding 6 N/A
Float 4.22B
% Held by Insiders 1 0.12%

What is Exxon Mobil net worth?

ExxonMobil held total assets worth 332.8 billion U.S. dollars as of 2020….Total assets of ExxonMobil from 2001 to 2020 (in million U.S. dollars)

Characteristic Total assets in million U.S. dollars
2019 362,597
2018 346,196
2017 348,691
2016 330,314

How many outstanding shares does Exxon have?


What is Exxon dividend yield?

Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) Dividend Information Exxon Mobil pays an annual dividend of $3.48 per share, with a dividend yield of 5.52%. XOM Most Recent Dividend. 6/10/2021. XOM Annual Dividend.

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