When did the Mitchell join EastEnders?

When did the Mitchell join EastEnders?

22 February 1990

What year did grant Find out about Phil and Sharon?


Why did Sharon and Phil break up?

There will be no going back after this. EastEnders has confirmed it is definitely over for Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts. Fans know Phil brutally dumped Sharon when she chose keeping baby Kayden over Phil’s ego, but she got her own back by snatching the Queen Vic from under him with Ian Beale’s help.

Did Sharon and Phil get divorced?

Ian, who is in hospital after being attacked, asked Sharon to marry him from his hospital bed to ensure that her and her son Albie would be taken care of. And, surprisingly, Sharon actually agreed to the hospital wedding after divorcing Phil earlier that day and despite previously turning down his advances.

What year did Sharon sleep with Phil?


Why are Ian and Sharon married?

Ian had believed that he was dying after doctors confirmed that he was suffering from a bleed to the brain after being attacked last week. He had proposed to Sharon so that she would be able to inherit the Queen Vic if he died.

Why did Sharon poison Ian?

This is the reason Sharon has been poisoning Ian on EastEnders: revenge for Denny’s death. By poisoning Ian, she is hoping to get away with murder but make Ian pay the ultimate price for taking her son’s life. Ian locked Denny below deck and took away the keys in order to teach the youngster a lesson for his vile ways.

Does Sharon Love Ian?

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) has been left heartbroken in EastEnders as, after revealing his feelings, Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) informed him that she doesn’t love him. When the soap returned on Monday (September 7), it became apparent that he was still harbouring feelings for his life-long friend.

What’s happened between Ian and Sharon?

Sharon then took matters into her own hands and married Ian – giving her opportunity to poison him. But when she finally went through with her plan, Ian discovered what she was up to and confronted her. However at the last moment Sharon rushed back and saved Ian, forcing him to throw up.

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