When should the CS should be presented for the most rapid acquisition of a CR?

When should the CS should be presented for the most rapid acquisition of a CR?

For most rapid conditioning, a CS should be presented one-half second before this. Learned response to a previously neutral conditioned stimulus, which results from the acquired association between the CS and US. Originally neutral stimulus comes to trigger a CR after association with an unconditioned stimulus.

Under what circumstances is learning most rapid and most resistant to extinction?

Learning is fastest and resistance to extinction is greatest after continuous reinforcement.

What is the reappearance after a time lapse of an extinguished CR called?


How does Robert Rescorla’s model for classical conditioning differ?

How does Robert Rescorla’s model for classical conditioning differ from Ivan Pavlov’s? – Rescorla showed that cognition is important in an animal learning that one stimulus reliably predicts another stimulus. An experimenter plans to condition a dog to salivate to a light by pairing the light with food.

What type of reinforcement schedule is gambling?

In operant conditioning, a variable-ratio schedule is a schedule of reinforcement where a response is reinforced after an unpredictable number of responses. Gambling and lottery games are good examples of a reward based on a variable ratio schedule.

Is Gambling an example of intermittent reinforcement?

In behaviorism, Intermittent Reinforcement is a conditioning schedule in which a reward or punishment (reinforcement) is not administered every time the desired response is performed. Gambling is an example of intermittent reinforcement.

What is an example of punishment?

The following are some examples of positive punishment: A child picks his nose during class (behavior) and the teacher reprimands him (aversive stimulus) in front of his classmates. A person eats spoiled food (behavior) and gets a bad taste in his/her mouth (aversive stimulus).

Does Montessori use time out?

Our goal, in Montessori, is not obedience but self-discipline. That’s why we do not use time out chairs, color-coded behavior charts, demerits, treasure chests, or other rewards and punishments to control our students’ behaviors.

What are the disadvantages of Montessori schools?

More Cons of the Montessori Method

  • It can be difficult to learn mathematics using this method.
  • It can minimize the importance of friendships.
  • It can be difficult to adapt to other types of school.
  • Not every student adapts to the “grace” concept.
  • It requires a student to learn self-motivation to be successful.

Why is Montessori bad?

Some parents complain that Montessori teachers are too rigid, not the warm-and-fuzzy teachers you might find in traditional preschools and elementary schools. Teachers tend to be hands-off, interacting less and standing at a distance while children “work” (participate in guided play). Parents don’t feel welcome.

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