When was the last earthquake in Rhodes?

When was the last earthquake in Rhodes?

The 1481 Rhodes earthquake occurred at 3:00 in the morning on 3 May. It triggered a small tsunami, which caused local flooding. There were an estimated 30,000 casualties….1481 Rhodes earthquake.

Local date 3 May 1481
Magnitude 7.1
Epicenter 36.0°N 28.0°ECoordinates:36.0°N 28.0°E
Areas affected Greece, Rhodes
Tsunami yes

Why is Crete so cheap?

Unlike some smaller Greek Islands and mainland Greece, Crete grows most of its own food and indeed exports many fruits, vegetables, wine and olive oil to other areas of Greece and abroad. Locally grown and produced food is cheap in Crete. This positively impacts on prices in tavernas, restaurants and hotels.

What’s the most expensive Greek island?


Are cars allowed on Hydra?

Many Athenians drive to Metochi, leave their car in the secure car park, and take the 20-minute passenger ferry across to Hydra. Rubbish trucks are the only motor vehicles on the island, since by law, cars and motorcycles are not allowed.

Which Greek island has no cars?


Where should I stay in Hydra?

Where to stay on Hydra island Greece; Nicaela’s House

  • Nicaela’s House- Hydra island, Greece.
  • Accommodation in Nicaela’s House – Hydra island – Greece.
  • Kamini Harbour – Hydra Island – Greece.
  • Working view from Nicaela’s House- Hydra Island – Greece.
  • BellyPop the Cat at Nicaela’s House – Hydra island – Greece.

Which Greek island does not allow cars?

island of Hydra

Which Greek island has the most to do?


What is the smallest inhabited Greek island?


Are cars allowed on Spetses?

Spetses has an arguably elegant atmosphere and a vintage aura, mainly because of its Venetian architecture. You should have in mind that you are not allowed to use a car in Spetses. Using a car within the city limits is strictly prohibited for both visitors and locals.

How do I get to Spetses?

With your own car or a rented one, take the national road, cross the Isthmus of Corinth and take the exit for Ancient Epidavros. Drive to Kranidi, Porto Heli and Kosta. The drive takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. From Kosta, a sea taxi will take you to Spetses in 5 minutes.

Does Spetses have an airport?

There is no airport on Spetses island. The International Airport of Athens is the closest to Spetses island and it receives flights from all Greek islands and from all the world. From the port of Piraeus in Athens, there is several ferries to Spetses every day.

Where is Spetses Greece?

Saronic Gulf

How big is Spetses?

22.2 km²

Where are the Saronic Islands?


Where are the Sporades islands?

The island group of Sporades islands is located on the southeast of Mount Pelion, in the northwestern side of the Aegean Sea. It actually consists of four Greek islands and few uninhabited islets that form the Marine Park of North Aegean Sea. The most popular is Skiathos island.

How far is salamis from Athens?

about 2 km

Where is Salamis island?

Salamis, Modern Greek Salamís, island, town, and dímos (municipality), Attica (Modern Greek: Attikí) periféreia (region), eastern Greece. The island lies in the Saronikós Gulf of the Aegean Sea, west of the city of Piraeus. The town is a port on the west coast of the island.

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