When was Trolli founded?

When was Trolli founded?


When were Trolli Sour Gummy Worms invented?


Who created Trolli gummy worms?

Willy Mederer – father and role model of today’s Trolli owner Herbert Mederer – begins his career in sweets after the Second World War with the production of noodles and pasta. The confectionery side of the business begins in 1948 because following the currency reform, sugar rationing was lifted.

Who came up with the Trolli commercial?

Lucky Persiscope. The Minneapolis-based ad shop was awarded the task of developing the first national TV ad campaign ever for Trolli gummy worms, a candy manufactured by Chicago-based Ferrara Candy Co., whose product line-up also includes Lemonhead, Brach’s and Black Forest brands.

Why does Trolli have creepy ads?

Trolli leans into weird side in campaign to reignite interest in original gummy worm. The campaign increases Ferrara’s ad spending on Trolli by 30%, more than it has ever spent on the brand.

How old is Trolli?


Product type GmbH & Co. KG
Introduced 1975
Related brands Efrutti, Gummi Bear Factory
Markets Confectionery
Tagline The one for fun!

Is Trolli good?

About the same as a sour patch kid. But very delicious if you’re into this kind of candy. Highly recommended. Getting a bag of candy this huge just puts you in a good mood.

What does Trolli mean in German?

It is nearly the same word in English: “trolley”. The word describes in German the typical luggage which you can pull with a handle behind you. Search in Google images for “trolley luggage”. There is also a “Trolli” shown on the cover. 2.

Is Trolli vegetarian?

Trolli Gummy Worms are not vegan, and neither are most other gummy candies. Thankfully, there are new organic, vegan gummy candies these days. These candies are free from gelatin, an animal product, and instead use agar, a plant-based product.

Does Trolli have pork?

To ensure that our fruit gums have their unique bite, we use exclusively high quality gelatine obtained from selected pork rind or beef hide. So that only the best quality comes into our bags, we have our raw materials tested regularly by independent laboratories and have been rewarded with top grades for many years.

Does Sour Patch have pork in it?

Sour Patch Kids They’re sweet, sour, and vegan. That’s right — unlike a lot of gummy products, Sour Patch Kids don’t contain gelatin, which is (unfortunately) made from parts of cows and pigs. Anything from the Sour Patch line should be good to go.

What candies are not vegetarian?

Those lifesavers, gummy bears and worms, however, have gelatin in them. And since gelatin is made from animals, the candies are not vegetarian-friendly. Other candies that fall under this devastating umbrella are candy corn, Junior Mints, marshmallows, Starbursts, and more.

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