Where do we usually see a monument?

Where do we usually see a monument?

you usually see them in historic cities such as DC, NYC, and other popular cities.

What’s the difference between Memorial and Monument?

A memorial may be a day or space, but it need not be a monument. A monument, on the other hand, is always a type of memorial. A memorial is often erected to honor those who have died, including spontaneous memorials we see created in the immediate aftermath of tragedy.

Is a statue a memorial?

A memorial is an object which serves as a focus for the memory or the commemoration of something, usually an influential, deceased person or a historical, tragic event. Popular forms of memorials include landmark objects or works of art such as sculptures, statues or fountains and parks.

What is the meaning of Monument?

noun. something erected in memory of a person, event, etc., as a building, pillar, or statue: the Washington Monument. any building, megalith, etc., surviving from a past age, and regarded as of historical or archaeological importance. any enduring evidence or notable example of something: a monument to human ingenuity …

What is the relationship of these monument?

Answer: The relationship between the public spaces of a city and those buildings which represent the significant institutions of the community—the monuments of the city—reflects both the values and the power structure of that community.

Why are monuments important to a country?

Old buildings teach us about the history that happened before we were born and promotes the respect for those who lived in different times and different societies. Architectural monuments cultivates pride of our past and heritage making us unique in the world.

What is the opposite of Monument?

What is the opposite of monument?

break transgress
violate disregard
forget ignore
omit overlook
dishonourUK dishonorUS

What is a cenotaph mean?

empty tomb

What is a tall monument called?

An obelisk is a tall, narrow, four-sided monument that tapers toward the top, where it ends in a pyramid. Made of marble, granite, and bluestone gneiss, it’s the tallest structure in Washington, D.C., the tallest stone structure in the world, and the tallest obelisk in the world.

Which is the closest synonym for the word monument?

other words for monument

  • masterpiece.
  • pillar.
  • shrine.
  • slab.
  • stone.
  • tablet.
  • testament.
  • tombstone.

What is another word for pillar?

Pillar Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for pillar?

column post
obelisk baluster
mast pile
pole tower
vertical buttress

What is another word for building?


  • building.
  • construction.
  • erection.
  • habitation.
  • house.
  • monument.
  • pile.
  • rockpile.

What do you call big buildings?

A skyscraper is a large continuously habitable building having multiple floors. Modern sources currently define skyscrapers as being at least 100 metres or 150 metres in height, though there is no universally accepted definition.

What do you call a small building?

cottage. nountiny house; lodging. box. bungalow. cabana.

What is a fancy word for house?

A place where one lives or calls home. home. dwelling. habitation. residence.

Is another word for Hue answer?

Answer. Another words for hue are colour, tint, cast, tincture, etc.

What is the difference between hue and tint?

Color is a very general term used to describe every hue, tint, tone, or shade we can see. Hue refers to the dominant color family. Hue refers to the origin of the colors we can see. Tint refers to any hue or mixture of pure colors to which white is added.

Does Hue mean black?

COLOR is the general term we use to describe every hue, tint, tone or shade we see. White, Black and Gray are often referred to as a color. A HUE refers to the dominant Color Family of the specific color we’re looking at. White, Black and Grey are never referred to as a Hue.

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