Where do you find Ed-E?

Where do you find Ed-E?

Nash residence

Do you get to keep Ed-E?

User Info: N7Spectre707. The original ED-E gets all the same upgrades the LR ED-E gets, so functionally yes, you get to keep all the same benefits, but they are technically two different eyebots.

Where can I get Ed-E after dismissing?

He is most likely in the Nash House aka shop in Primm. This is based off his starting location and the fact there is a minor side quest which when completes has him meet you back at that location if you choose to do it.

Does Ed-E die in lonesome road?

ED-E doesn’t really die anyway. That unit dies, but he broadcasts everything that he experiences with you during Lonesome Road back to the original model in the Mojave.

Can you use ED-E after lonesome road?

No, you’re going to be alone. Mild spoiler, but ED-E leaves you at the end of Lonesome Road (and if you’ve been listening to the recordings, you probably know why and where it’s going). You can delay going to Ulysses’ Temple until then.

What happens if you nuke megaton?

Blowing up Megaton causes an extra video to show in the game’s ending if the player character has low Karma.

What happens if you nuke the NCR and the Legion?

If you nuke the NCR, the I15 and outposts around the borders are destroyed.

Why does Ulysses want to nuke the NCR?

Ulysses is of the same category, the only reason he only bombs the I15 is because he doesn’t have enough nukes to destroy the entire NCR – and that is in-game dialogue info, either way, he wants to destroy it – and all the people in it. Cutting off supplies means he intends for people to starve.

How do you gain rep with Caesar’s Legion?

the easiest way to gain legion fame is to turn in ncr dog tags to Aurillis of the Pheonix in cottonwood cove. NCR dog tags can be pickpocketed off of non quest related ncr personnel. it is not necessary to kill the ncr to obtain the tags and killing ncr does not give legion fame.

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