Where is the fountain in our lips are sealed?

Where is the fountain in our lips are sealed?

The day of shooting was very hot -says Wiedlin- so it was the band’s idea to end the video by jumping into the Electric Fountain on the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and Santa Monica Blvd.. “I thought, at any minute the cops are gonna come. This is gonna be so cool.” Wiedlin looks back on the video experience fondly.

Who covered Our Lips Are Sealed?

The Soup Dragons

What does lips are sealed mean?

—used to say that someone will not tell secret information to anyone Your secret is safe with me: my lips are sealed.

When was our lips are sealed released?


What was the Go Go’s biggest hit?

Track listing

No. Title Album
1. “Our Lips Are Sealed” Beauty and the Beat, 1981
2. “Cool Jerk” (Remix) Original version on Vacation, 1982
3. “We Got the Beat” Beauty and the Beat
4. “Head over Heels” Talk Show, 1984

Who is Belinda Carlisle married to?

Morgan Masonm. 1986

Is Belinda Carlisle still married?

After the dissolution of the Go-Go’s in 1985, Carlisle went on to have a successful solo career with radio hits such as “Mad About You”, “I Get Weak”, “Circle in the Sand”, “Leave a Light On”, and “Heaven Is a Place on Earth”….

Belinda Carlisle
Spouse(s) Morgan Mason ​ ​ ( m. 1986)​
Children 1

Is Brandi Carlile a mom?

Singer Brandi Carlile talks about raising children as an LGBTQ+ mom. Carlile and Shepherd conceived Evangeline through IVF, Carlile wrote, by harvesting Carlile’s eggs and having Shepherd carry the pregnancy. Right away, she said, it was “complicated.” “I didn’t know who I was supposed to be in this equation.

Who is Brandi Carlile baby daddy?

(Carlile’s pastor refused to baptize her and she was kicked out of a band.) The folk-country star and her wife of eight years, Catherine Shepherd, are now proud parents to two young daughters, Evangeline and Elijah. (Their biological father is Carlile’s childhood best friend, David.)

Was Brandi Carlile in the Gogos?

Brandi Carlile and Belinda Carlisle are two widely recognized singers with their own unique styles of music. Carlile is a country singer who has won several Grammy Awards for her take on Americana music, while Carlisle helped create the soundtrack of a generation for her work with the all-female pop group The Go-Gos.

How much is Brandi Carlile worth?

According to Wealthy Genius, Carlile’s net worth is just $2 million. A majority of that income comes from her music career, which she began as an eight-year-old.

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