Where is the reset button on a password journal?

Where is the reset button on a password journal?

If you need to reset your password journal, you can do so quickly and easily. Open your password journal’s battery compartment. Locate the tiny button located in the battery compartment. This is the reset button.

How do I reset my voice password diary?

RESET BUTTON – Press the Reset Button with the tip of a pen to reset your password so you can open the journal without a password. IMPORTANT NOTE: Pressing Reset when the journal is CLOSED – will only erase your password and allow you to open the journal without a password.

How can I open a password protected diary?

Press the Access Button to open the journal cover. NOTE: If you have difficulty opening the journal the first time, try pressing the reset button with the tip of a pen. Press the Record Options Button until you hear the option for Record Your Password, then press the Select Button to enter your choice.

How do you unlock the secret safe diary?

1) Open the battery cover. Then, find the RESET Button located next to the word RESET. 2) Press the Unlock Button to turn on the diary.

How do I open my VTech secret safe notebook?

  1. Unlock Button. Press this button and then enter your 4-digit passcode to open the cover.
  2. Reset Button. When you first use this product, you will need to activate Normal Play Mode.
  3. Voice Recording Mode Button.
  4. Voice Review Mode Button.
  5. Music Mode Button.
  6. Voice Changer Mode Button.
  7. Guess My Number Game Button.
  8. Volume Button.

How do I reset my secret diary?

Open the battery cover, the Reset button is located in the compartment with the word RESET. 3. Press the Unlock button to turn the unit on.

How do I reset my Top Model Diary without code?

General Questions

  1. The default password is “0000”.
  2. As soon as the lock opens, press and hold the “*” button for 3 seconds.
  3. You now have 10 seconds to enter a new four-digit password.
  4. If you forget your own password, simply press “1”, “3” and “0” simultaneously and keep this combination pressed for 4 seconds.

How do you make a digital diary?

How do I create an online diary?

  1. Create an account with Penzu via the website or download the app and sign-up there.
  2. Choose a journal cover.
  3. Start writing!

What is the best free diary app?

  • Journey – Best Travel Journal App for Android.
  • Daybook – Best Free Journal App.
  • Flexible Journal – Custom Journal App.
  • Luci – Journal App for Dreams.
  • Universum – Best Daily Journal App.
  • Daylio – Journal App for Android.
  • Diary Book – Travel Journal App for Android.
  • Penzu – Bullet Journal App.

What is the best daily journal app?

  • Grid Diary Pricing: Free version available; paid version from $2.99/month.
  • Five Minute Journal Pricing: $4.99.
  • Dabble Me (Web)
  • Dabble Me pricing: Pro starts at $3/month.
  • Daylio (iOS, Android)
  • Daylio Pricing: Free version available; Premium starts at $2.99/month.

What is a good journal app?

These are the best apps for keeping a digital journal of your life as it happens.

  • Day One Journal.
  • Momento.
  • Moodnotes.
  • Journey.
  • Daylio.
  • Grid Diary.
  • Five Minute Journal.
  • Penzu.

Are Journal apps safe?

Many journal apps offer security and privacy features, but Penzu is one that excels at it. This great journal app keeps your entries 100% safe with double password protection and military-grade 256-bit AES encryption.

What do I write in a journal?

Recap: 6 Journaling Ideas

  1. Write down your goals every day.
  2. Keep a daily log.
  3. Journal three things you’re grateful for every day.
  4. Journal your problems.
  5. Journal your stresses.
  6. Journal your answer to “What’s the best thing that happened today?” every night before bed.

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