Where is the statue of Athena located?

Where is the statue of Athena located?


Where is Zeus statue located?

Olympia, Greece

What happens when Zeus gets angry?

Zeus’s weapon is the Thunderbolt and Poseidons weapon is the trident. Zeus weapon is the thunderbolt because he is the god of the skies and thunder comes from the sky. Whenever Zeus is angry he will use his thunderbolt to the people all down below.

Who made Zeus angry?


What happens when Poseidon gets angry?

Poseidon’s anger manifested itself in storms and rogue waves that threatened ships and ports alike. Even further inland, he could strike his trident to cause city-levelling earthquakes and floods. His anger could be satisfied in a moment or last for decades.

Who stole Zeus lightning bolt?

The Lightning Thief However, only Ares was able to find the true lightning thief (Luke Castellan). Nonetheless, Ares did not turn Luke over to Zeus, and kept the Bolt and Hades’ Helm (which Luke also stole) in order to start a war between the gods.

Who is Luke accusing of stealing Zeus master bolt?


Did Hades steal lightning bolt?

Hades is sure Percy is the thief who stole the bolt and his helm. The god of the dead is holding Percy’s mother — who is only frozen in a shower of gold, not dead – and demands Percy give up the magic helm before she is released. As armies of the dead surround him, Percy brings out his magic pearls.

Why did Luke Castellan steal lightning bolt?

As revealed in The Lightning Thief, someone (most likely the forger) died in the creation of the sinister sword. After pledging allegiance to the Titan King, Luke was assigned to steal the Master Bolt, Zeus’s primary weapon, and the Helm of Darkness, Hades’s godly weapon, in order to start a civil war between the gods.

Why can’t Annabeth help Percy when they get trapped in the pool?

Why can’t Annabeth help Percy when they get trapped in the pool? Because children of Athena are afraid of spiders but Athena herself isn’t. How does Annabeth put her knowledge of physics to work on the water ride ?

How does Charon realize Percy isn’t dead?

How does Charon realize Percy and his friends are not really dead? He realizes that Percy is dyslexic. They don’t have the correct coins. They tell him.

What is Annabeth afraid of?

Annabeth Chase has an intense fear of Cyclopes. It can be traced back to when she was travelling with Luke, Thalia and Grover to Camp Half-Blood and got trapped in a vicious Cyclops’ lair, which indirectly caused Thalia’s transformation into a tree.

Why is Percy mad at Ares?

Why? I believe that Percy was more angry at Ares because he had sent them to a godly-trapped water park made by Hephaestus. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth barely make it out alive and were a big show on Olympus. Along with that, Ares is the war god and gives off a bad vibe that will make people, including Percy, angry.

Why does Percy laugh when Annabeth tells him what she wants to be?

why does Percy laugh when Anna Beth tells him what she wants to be? Percy laughs at her because he can’t see her sitting still drawings. Echidna says Percy should feel honored to be killed by her.

Is Percy Jackson stronger than Ares?

He has defeated Ares, Kronos, Hyperion, basically soloed Polybotes, fought the twin Giants, nearly killed the living embodiment of misery and those are just the major immortals. Percy has achieved god levels of power and few even compare.

How did Percy beat Ares?

Percy stabbed Ares in the heel with Riptide. A wave slashes over Ares. He gets distracted by all the people.

Did Percy Jackson kill Ares?

Eventually, Percy won the duel when he stabbed Ares in the heel; Ares tried to attack Percy again in a fit of rage, but Kronos prevented him.

Why did Ares kill Poseidon’s son?

The union of Ares and Aphrodite created the gods Eros, Anteros, Phobos, Deimos, and Harmonia. Upon one occasion, Ares incurred the anger of Poseidon by slaying his son, Halirrhothius, because he had raped Alcippe, a daughter of the war-god.

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