Where is the terminal in Little lamplight?

Where is the terminal in Little lamplight?

Computer Terminal Note: This wall terminal is located on the wall of the chamber of Vault 87, that is within the Great Chamber of Little Lamplight.

Is there a bobblehead in Little lamplight?

Paradise Falls is a place you may or may not visit during your main adventure. It’s all tied into the events at Little Lamplight. Then, search a table at the back right end of the large room on the first floor for the Bobblehead. …

How do you get out of little lamplight?

you have to go talk to the “Mayor” and ask him about it and he will lead you there and open it for you.

Can you enslave little lamplight?

you have an option to enslave Bryan Wilks. After getting the okay from Eulogy Jones, the child slaver will reappear at Little Lamplight if you have already completed The Kid-Kidnapper quest.

How do you save the slaves in Paradise Falls?

Escort the children out of Paradise Falls. Reach the slave pen and speak with the children. Unlock the slave pen gate. Tell the children to escape Paradise Falls.

Should I kill the slavers in Paradise Falls?

Slavers in Paradise Falls do not respawn when slain. Shooting anyone in Paradise Falls will turn the town hostile. Unlike most towns in the game, the slavers of Paradise Falls will stay hostile no matter how much time passes. If the Lone Wanderer kills all the slavers, Three Dog will occasionally mention it.

Does the waterfall from up exist?

Angel’s Falls, Venezuela: Up | While Paradise Falls, Carl Fredrickson’s dream destination, may not exist in real life, Up fans can experience a real-life fantasy by visiting Venezuela’s Angel Falls, which boasts the tallest waterfall in the world. The stunning view is well worth dreaming a lifetime about.

What country is Paradise Falls?


Is Charles Muntz real?

Charles Muntz, the villain in Pixar’s “Up,” is named after real life Disney villain Charles Mintz, who stole Walt Disney’s first creation, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Is Angel Falls a real place?

Angel Falls, Spanish Salto Ángel, also called Salto Churún Merú, waterfall in the Guiana Highlands in Bolívar state, southeastern Venezuela, on the Churún River, a tributary of the Caroní, 160 miles (260 km) southeast of Ciudad Bolívar.

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