Where is the VIN number on a CR125?

Where is the VIN number on a CR125?

It should be on the steering tube on the frame. Look on the right/throttle side of the tube towards the front a little and you should see it stamped in the frame.

How do I find out what year my Honda motorcycle is?

How to Tell the Year of a Honda Motorcycle

  1. Locate the vehicle identification number.
  2. Call a Honda dealer, provide the VIN and request assistance determining the year of the motorcycle of interest.
  3. Go to the DMV website (see Resources).
  4. Go to the Motoverse website (see Resources).

How do you read a VIN number on a Honda motorcycle?

How to Decode the VIN Number on a Honda Motorcycle

  1. Locate the 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) printed on the frame of your motorcycle.
  2. Locate the first character.
  3. Locate the second character, “H.” This represents the name of the manufacturer, Honda.
  4. Locate the third character.

How fast does a Honda CR 125 go?

CR 125: This is Honda’s 2-stroke dirt bike and it has a top speed of around 70 miles per hour.

What is the fastest 125 4 stroke?

That being said the KTM RC 125 and new Suzuki GSX-R125 are the lightest of the race styled 125’s on the top of their legal power range (UK) and thus are said to be the fastest modern 4 stroke 125’s. Aprilla rs125 – Honda CBF125 and Yamaha YZF125 are all up there too.

How fast does a 250 4 stroke go?

A 250cc dirt bike comes at a maximum speed of 55-70 mph (90-113 km/h) depending on a type of engine.

Which is faster a 2-stroke or a 4 stroke?

A stroke is a motion of a piston, meaning a two-stroke dirt bike has 2 different motions of the piston, while a four-stroke has 4. 2 Strokes are generally more unstable and accelerate faster, while a 4 stroke is more consistent and has a higher top speed.

Whats better 250 2-stroke or 4 stroke?

For weekend warriors and beginners, a newer 250-cc 2-stroke offers the ridability of most 4-strokes, minus some torque. Plus, they’re less expensive to maintain. A 250-cc 4-stroke is also a great option since it’s less expensive, lighter and easier to ride for a beginner.

Which is faster 125 2 stroke or 250 4-stroke?

First, don’t misunderstand and think because the 250 is greater in size than 125 that the 250 4-stroke is more powerful than the 125 2-stroke. In fact, 2-stroke bikes with the same engine displacement typically have significantly more power than their 4-stroke counterpart.

Can a beginner ride 450?

Can A 450 Be A Beginner Bike? The short answer is maybe. For those riders in the unique position of returning to riding after a long time off of a bike, have street skills, or perhaps is a mountain bike enthusiast, a 450, in particular this RMX450Z, can be just the right beginner bike.

Is a 250 four stroke enough power?

Obviously bigger riders (over 200 pounds) will need more engine than 250cc’s, but if you’re in the 200 pound range and are a beginner type of rider I would actually recommend a 250cc four stroke to you. If you’re a 85cc rider and are looking to graduate to a bigger bike you DO NOT need a 250cc four-stroke.

Is a 250 big enough?

Long distances are the only aspect that 250cc bikes will struggle with. 250cc motorcycles are big enough and have enough power to carry an adult and a passenger or small extra baggage for short distances on almost any road or route.

Which is cheaper to maintain 2-stroke or 4-stroke?

While two-stroke engines run more simplistically, their need for maintenance is usually much higher. However, two-stroke parts are notoriously cheaper than four-stroke. Two-strokes also require more frequent shifting, but riders can get a faster top speed with more power.

What is the fastest 250cc dirt bike?

If we are talking about speed, then the Husqvarna is a monster in that area. The Austrian-made motorcycle is among the fastest 250cc bikes in the market. In terms of peak power, the Husqvarna comes with 42.53 horsepower. One noticeable thing, however, is that it makes its power at a slow rate.

What 250 4-Stroke is the best?

The bike that won the “2020 MXA 250 Four-Stroke Shootout” may not be the bike for you.


Are 4-stroke dirt bikes high maintenance?

Unlike today’s modern cars, where you can ride for thousands of miles (sometimes 10,000 miles without changing even the oil!) and do little in the way of maintenance, 4-stroke dirt bikes require constant maintenance.

How often should I start my dirt bike?

Starting, riding your bike until it reaches operating temperatures, regularly, like every week, is a good thing. It will help keep the brakes clean, cables operating and the internals moisture free.

How do you maintain a 4 stroke engine?

4-Stroke Bike Maintenance: A Complete Guide

  1. Wash, Dry Inspect, Tighten and lube bike (Every ride)
  2. Oil change (4-6 hrs)
  3. Replace Oil Filter (6-10 hrs)
  4. Clean, Check, Replace, and Oil the Air Filter (Every ride or 3Hrs)
  5. Replace Brake Fluid ( 20-40 hrs)
  6. Replace Pads (0.04 in-1.00mm)
  7. Check Calipers and Rotors (Regularly)

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