Where was the movie Marine 2 filmed?

Where was the movie Marine 2 filmed?

Phuket, Thailand

Is there a the Marine 7?

Season 7. Jake Carter and another former Marine, Luke Trapper, join forces to rescue a kidnapped girl from a gang of international criminals.

How much money did John Cena make in the Marine?

His film career Wrestling inevitably helped Cena get his start on the big screen – WWE Studios was even behind his movie debut in 2006’s The Marine, which earned him a handsome US$280,000 for the lead role.

Is the Marine based on a true story?

The dramatic film is based on the true story of 19-year-old Erin Corwin’s death at the hands of her secret lover — Marine Christopher Lee.

How accurate is the movie Full Metal Jacket?

The film creates a very disturbing and “real” picture of the Vietnam War not through historical accuracy or sensitive treatment of characters, but by presenting a compilation of situations that spanned an entire war as if they were the experiences of one set of recruits.

Is the movie Jarhead accurate?

Jarhead, based on the book Jarhead by Anthony Swofford, is considered one of the most accurate war movies to date. Swofford was a member of the Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) Platoon in the Gulf War, a platoon largely made up of snipers that generally contained some of the better Marines in the battalion.

How accurate is FMJ?

‘Full Metal Jacket’ The entire film is great, but the representation of Marines in the first act of the film is (mostly) accurate. This can be attributed to the legendary R. Lee Ermey. He was actually a drill instructor and Stanley Kubrick was dedicated to making everything as authentic as possible.

Does the Marine Corps want killers?

The Marine Corps wants killers. The Marine Corps wants to build indestructible men, men without fear. Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : Pickett!

Why did Private Pyle snap?

Pyle was in the end surrounded by hostile fellow recruits (who had been made to suffer because of him), he had no friends, he had no escape from the situation and he had nowhere to go. The blanket party (called “sock-soap treatment” in the Finnish military) was enough to snap him and cause him PTSD.

Why are hollow points more accurate?

In target shooting, they are used for greater accuracy due to the larger meplat. Hollow point bullets are more accurate and predictable compared to pointed bullets which, despite having a higher ballistic coefficient (BC), are more sensitive to bullet harmonic characteristics and wind deflection.

Does hollow point affect accuracy?

True hollow points have a much larger opening in the tip. That opening acts as a “blunting” feature and causes a lot of turbulence. That turbulence causes drag and also some instability, affecting accuracy and range in a negative way.

Which is more accurate FMJ or hollow point?

Many shooters feel the sharp point on an FMJ bullet will slice through the air better than a hollow point bullet which has a small flat (or meplat) across the tip. In real terms therefore, the sharp tip of the FMJ is barely a percent or two more efficient than the hollow point.

What does HPBT mean?

The hollow point boat tail bullet (HP-BT) – also known as the boat tail hollow point or BTHP ammo – is primarily a rifle ammunition used for hunting big game at long range, and is sometimes used as a coyote and wolf ammo.

Are hollow point bullets good for deer hunting?

Hollow points are highly capable of delivering quick and humane kills. It is no wonder they have become some of the most popular rounds for both hunting and self-defense. However, hollow points deliver rapid, expansive mushrooming. This slows the projectile upon target impact and limits penetration.

Is it bad to hunt with FMJ?

FMJ rounds are more likely to overpenetrate and wound the animal as well as present a danger to whomever or whatever lies beyond. So yes, there are specific rounds made for hunting. They will have a soft point or a hollow point. Do not use an FMJ round for taking game as it is most likely illegal and also unethical.

Can you kill a deer with FMJ?

FMJ is NOT a humane round for hunting deer. Its no coincidence that MANY states specifically ban its use in deer hunting. They don’t do this because it is so deadly and unsporting. They do this because there is no expansion to the round and it makes for much more inhumane wounding of animals.

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