Which are results of regulation in a mixed market economy Check all that apply?

Which are results of regulation in a mixed market economy Check all that apply?

Answer Expert Verified. The results of the government regulation in a dual economy or mixed-market economy are; compliance with laws, whuch are needed to protect the consumers and producers in the market. Also, advantages for producers and advantages for goverment are associated with the regulation.

Which are results of a mixed market economy?

Overview: The Advantages of a Mixed Economy A mixed economy permits private participation in production, which in return allows healthy competition that can result in profit. It also contributes to public ownership in manufacturing, which can address social welfare needs.

What are the main purposes of regulatory policy Check all that apply?

Answer: to protect constitutional rights, safety, and fairness. to ensure that property rights are protected. to create regulation in a mixed-market economy only when needed.

What are reasons government regulation necessary in a mixed market economy?

Which explains why government regulation is necessary in a mixed-market economy? Government regulation protects property rights, safety, and profits. Government regulation protects constitutional rights, profits, and fairness.

What are the three roles of government in a mixed economy?

Most mixed economies have some characteristics of a command economy in strategic areas. It allows the federal government to safeguard its people and its market. The government has a large role in the military, international trade, and national transportation.

What are the four roles of government in a mixed economy?

Governments may seek to redistribute wealth by taxing the private sector, and using funds from taxes to promote social objectives. Trade protection, subsidies, targeted tax credits, fiscal stimulus, and public-private partnerships are common examples of government intervention in mixed economies.

Which of the following is a common role of government in a mixed economy group of answer choices?

The government’s role in a mixed economy is that it is the: Regulator charged with preserving competition. Economic goals are important because they: Help people determine if an economic system meets their needs.

What are examples of mixed economy?

A mixed economy consists of both private and government/state-owned entities that share control of owning, making, selling, and exchanging good in the country. Two examples of mixed economies are the U.S. and France.

What are the main characteristics of mixed economy?

The following are the main characteristics of mixed economy:

  • Co-existence of the Private and Public Sectors.
  • Existence of Joint Sector.
  • Regulation of Private Sector.
  • Planned Economy.
  • Private Property.
  • Provision of Social Security.
  • Motive of Business Concerns.
  • Reduction of Inequalities of Income and Wealth.

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