Which aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization were not based on its geography?

Which aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization were not based on its geography?

Which aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization were based on its geography? Which were not? Geography shaped farming and the use of agriculture, but the geography of ancient Egypt did not influence art or religion.

How did the geography of Egypt affect its civilization?

The geography of Ancient Egypt was very unique and allowed Egypt to become a very successful civilization. Egypt’s geography contributed all aspects of Ancient Egyptians lives such as the Nile River being their source of food, water, and transportation and the desert offering natural protection.

What made the Egyptian civilization so unique?

The success of ancient Egyptian civilization came partly from its ability to adapt to the conditions of the Nile River valley for agriculture. The predictable flooding and controlled irrigation of the fertile valley produced surplus crops, which supported a more dense population, and social development and culture.

Which civilization is the oldest?

Sumerian civilization

What was the first government in history?

The First National Government: The Articles of Confederation The Albany Plan, an earlier, pre-independence attempt at joining the colonies into a larger union, had failed in part because the individual colonies were concerned about losing power to another central institution.

What is the oldest form of government known to man?

The term democracy, which means “rule by the people,” was coined by the Greeks of ancient Athens to describe their city-state’s system of self-rule, which reached its golden age around 430 B.C. under the skilled orator and politician Pericles.

What was the name of the USA’s first form of government?

Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union

What was the government before the constitution?

The Confederation Period was the era of United States history in the 1780s after the American Revolution and prior to the ratification of the United States Constitution.

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