Which continents are only in the Southern Hemisphere?

Which continents are only in the Southern Hemisphere?

  • The continents in the Southern Hemisphere are South America, Antarctica, Africa, Australia, and some islands in Asia.
  • The continents in the Western Hemisphere are North America, South America, and parts of Antarctica, Europe, and Africa.

Which is not a southern continent?

While large parts of South America, Africa and Asia are located in the Southern Hemisphere, the only two continents whose entire territory is south of the Equator are Australia and Antarctica.

What countries are in southern hemisphere?

The Southern Hemisphere is the half of the Earth south of the Equator, and it contains at least part of five continents, four oceans, and several islands….List of Countries Located Completely in the Southern Hemisphere.

Rank Countries in the Southern Hemisphere
1 Angola
2 Argentina
3 Australia
4 Bolivia

Is New Zealand in the Southern Hemisphere?

New Zealand, like Australia, is in the Southern Hemisphere, which means that its seasons are expressed at the opposite times of the seasons in North America.

Why is the Southern Hemisphere hotter?

The southern hemisphere is warmer than the northern hemisphere because more of its surface area is water.

What is the biggest city in the Southern Hemisphere?

São Paulo

Which hemisphere is the largest?

Northern Hemisphere

Which city is most populous in the world?


City Country City proper
Tokyo Japan 13,515,271
Delhi India 16,753,235
Shanghai China 24,183,000

Which is the famous city in the world?


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