Which is an accurate statement about emigrants heading west in the mid 1800s?

Which is an accurate statement about emigrants heading west in the mid 1800s?

Answer Expert Verified Emigrants usually traveled in wagon trains of 50 to 1000 people. This is an accurate statement about emigrants heading west in the mid-1800s.

Where does California Trail separate from the Oregon Trail?

The main California Trail went northwest from Bridger to Fort Hall, Idaho. From the Raft River southwest of Fort Hall most California Trail emigrants forked southwest past the City of Rocks, Idaho toward Nevada, while Oregon Trail followers continued along the Snake River to Fort Boise and the Oregon border.

How many immigrants died on the Oregon Trail?

362 emigrants

What was the best month to travel the Oregon Trail?

The Applegate train began to assemble in late April, the best time to get rolling. The date of departure had to be selected with care. If they began the more than 2,000-mile journey too early in the spring, there would not be enough grass on the prairie to keep the livestock strong enough to travel.

Can you drive the original Oregon Trail?

Driving the Oregon Trail Odd museums, classic diners, idyllic towns, and poignant postindustrial decay—you’ll find it all along this great cross-country highway. Starting in the West, the route parallels, and in places runs right on top of, the broad path that formed the Oregon Trail.

Can I Walk the Oregon Trail?

That’s right, you too can walk the Oregon Trail. Several long segments of trail exist that can be backpacked or day-hiked, and there are dozens of short hikes around historic attractions and interpretive centers.

Can you see the Oregon Trail from space?

Later on, in college, I studied archaeology and was awestruck to learn that not only do the Oregon Trail’s wagon ruts still exist on the ground, in the real world — they are also visible from space. The land those pioneers crossed still attests to their trials.

What were some hardships pioneers faced when traveling west?

Obstacles included accidental discharge of firearms, falling off mules or horses, drowning in river crossings, and disease. After entering the mountains, the trail also became much more difficult, with steep ascents and descents over rocky terrain. The pioneers risked injury from overturned and runaway wagons.

What made the journey to the West difficult?

The trip was dangerous. Many pioneers got sick during the journey because they did not have good food or clean water. Pioneers also had to look out for wild animals, especially at night. Pioneers were afraid of Native Americans, but there were hardly ever fights between Native Americans and pioneers.

Why is Journey to the West so popular?

In addition to the novel’s comedy and adventure, Journey to the West has been enjoyed for its biting satire of society and Chinese bureaucracy and for its allegorical presentation of human striving and perseverance. An English translation by Arthur Waley entitled Monkey was published in 1942 and reprinted many times.

Why is it called Journey to the West?

These disciples are Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie and Sha Wujing, together with a dragon prince who acts as Tang Sanzang’s steed, a white horse. The group of pilgrims journeys towards enlightenment by the power and virtue of cooperation….

Journey to the West
Literal meaning “West Journey Record”

What happens at the end of Journey to the West?

Yet, in the end, the pious pilgrims triumph, they return to China with sacred scriptures, and return to their rightful places in the heavens. Journey to the West is known for its colorful characters, especially the Monkey King and Pigsy.

What happened to Sun Wukong at the end of Journey to the West?

Following Wukong’s three cause-and-effect methods of immortality during his time in heaven, he escapes back to his home at the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. Wukong’s immortality and abilities ultimately come into use after Guanyin suggest him to be a disciple to Tang Sanzang in the Journey to the West.

What happens to Sun Wukong at the end of Journey to the West?

The story tells of his long path to Taoist enlightenment, in which he painstakingly masters combat and tries to learn how to become immortal. At the end of the story, the Buddha traps Sun Wukong under a mountain for 500 years.

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