Which is better FireRed or LeafGreen?

Which is better FireRed or LeafGreen?

While the FireRed is an enhanced remake of the original Pokémon Red game, the LeafGreen is the upgraded version of the original Pokémon Blue game. The LeafGreen exclusives include Ninetales, Bellsprout, Slowpoke, Staryu, Starmie, Magmar, Marill, Misdreavus, Sneasel, Octillery, Magby, Deoxys, and more.

What generation is FireRed and LeafGreen?

Generation III

Which is the strongest Pokemon in fire red?

The 15 Strongest Kanto Pokémon

  1. 1 Mewtwo. Mewtwo is a Pokémon with incredible strength.
  2. 2 Charizard.
  3. 3 Rhydon.
  4. 4 Golem.
  5. 5 Zapdos.
  6. 6 Blastoise.
  7. 7 Exeggutor.
  8. 8 Alakazam.

Is Pokemon Ruby the same as fire red?

It is impossible to choose between the two, as they are games of different generations. Ruby is new and original, whereas Fire Red is old and original.

What is the best Pokemon in Oras?


Can you trade Pokemon from FireRed to Ruby?

Pokémon can be traded between LeafGreen, FireRed, Sapphire and Ruby. Trading between the Sapphire and Ruby games is the only way to get many Pokemon and Items into this game.

Can you trade hoenn Pokemon to FireRed?

Not from the get-go you’re not, but YES, you are able to trade between the Hoenn region and the Kanto region. In order to unlock trading from R/S/E to FR/LG, you need to complete the Ruby and Sapphire sidequest found after you have beaten the champion in you respective FireRed/Leafgreen game.

Can you trade Pokemon from FireRed to leaf green on a DS?

Nope. There are a bunch of ways you can trade but some ways don’t work and some do. First of all, you can transfer your GBA pokemon to your DS game if you’ve beaten diamond or pearl and activated the Pal Park feature. If you mean trading from GBA game to GBA game however, you can’t do that on a DS.

How do you catch a mew in fire red?

Trading for Mew is the only legitimate way to obtain a Mew in FireRed anymore….Build up good trade stock.

  1. Any of the Legendaries make for good trade stock.
  2. Mewtwo will most likely need to be traded in order for your Mew trade to happen.

Is Mewthree a real Pokemon?

Mewthree is a Pokémon which has never appeared in any game or anime episode, though it has had one appearance in the overall Pokémon franchise. It is the second clone of Mew. It is technically not a real Pokémon, as it is just a transformed form of Red’s Clefairy.

How rare is Pikachu in fire red?

Pikachu has a 5% encounter rate at Viridian Forest, be patient enough and you’ll find it. It will be at Level 3.

What is the rarest Pokemon?


Is jolteon or Pikachu better?

Pikachu deffinetly has a better movepool to work with but Jolteon’s stats are way better. Jolteon also learns several moves to deal with pesky psychics such as pin missle and shadow ball. So Jolteon may be better but with the right moves and nature Pikachu/Raichu can still pack quite a punch!

Is lugia in fire red?

Lugia and Ho-Oh can indeed be caught in Emerald, FireRed, and LeafGreen, but… it’s not simple. Lugia and Ho-Oh are located on an island called Navel Rock. To go there, you need an item called the MysticTicket – a ticket for a ferry.

How do you get lugia in fire red without cheats?


  1. The only options are to hack or trade.
  2. Without going to a special event, getting Lugia and Ho-Oh in the FireRed version is impossible.
  3. You used to have to go get a mystic ticket from a nintendo special event, but they don’t do those anymore for this game iirc.
  4. ^Which is long over.

Is rayquaza in fire red?

The game is running but only the characters are frozen in game at four island in Pokemon fire red. The game is running but only the characters are frozen in game at four island in Pokemon fire red.

Does suicune run away in fire red?

Anyway, you are lucky that Suicune is the one you’re trying to catch. It doesn’t know Roar so you can just toodle around for a long time and then use a Timer Ball. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that you must use a Wobbuffet (ability prevents foe’s escape) or else Suicune will flee.

How do you catch Lugia in fire red?

However, you can get Lugia in Gold, Silver, and Pokémon XD, though a little work is required to transfer it to Fire Red. If you know someone who has caught Lugia in Gold or Silver, this is the easiest way to get the Pokémon and trade it over. Simply use a Gameboy transfer code and move it to your Fire Red game.

How do you catch the legendary dogs in fire red?


  1. Make sure you have as many Ultra Balls you can carry/afford.
  2. If you chose Squirtle, you will meet Raikou.
  3. Paralysis, Sleep and Poison moves make Pokémon easier to catch.
  4. You must beat the Elite Four first.
  5. Try sticking to Route 1 and using a Wynaut/Wobbuffet that knows Shadow Tag to find the dog and trap it.

What do u do after u catch Mewtwo in fire red?

2 Answers

  1. Obtain 60 Pokemon and get the National Dex from Prfessor oak.
  2. help Celio obtain Ruby and Sapphire.
  3. Go To Cerulean cave as Mewtwo is now obtainable.
  4. you can catch one of the three legendary dogs(When you pick Bulbasaur, you can catch Entei.
  5. You can now challenge the Battle Tower.
  6. Go on the Unown quest.

Did Red ever catch Mew?

No he did not capture all 151 (missing mew) but he did capture 1 specimen of all legendary pokemon.

What to do after you get Mewtwo?

Once you’ve defeated Mewtwo in battle, it’s time to catch it! Now, you could spend a lot of time, Razz Berries, and Ultra Balls to add this Legendary Pokémon to your party, but this is a prime opportunity to use your Master Ball, if you still have it, which will catch any Pokémon without fail.

How do you get into Mewtwo cave in fire red?

Located north of Cerulean City, you must surf to reach the entrance. You cannot obtain access to the cave until you beat the Elite Four, and deliver Celio the Ruby and Sapphire gems to allow for free trade.

Can you catch Mewtwo without master ball?

You can, and is not that difficult with high enough level. I managed to do it. You just have to hit it as much as you can without “fainting” it with any pokemon available to you, and then use this attack which does not cause them to faint (I can’t remember the name, but it’s pretty common).

How do you beat Mewtwo?

Best counters for Mewtwo in Pokemon Go With Snarl and Shadow Ball, Darkrai is a supremely effective counter, and should help seriously whittle down the Mewtwo’s HP. Chandelure: Chandelure can pack a serious punch when it’s got a high CP and the right moves, and could be very helpful against Mewtwo.

How do you get to Mewtwo in cerulean cave?

The fastest way to find Mewtwo in Cerulean Cave Take the ladder there, 1F-A, up to 2F. On 2F, go all the way left (west) to the ladder we’ve labelled 2F-F, in the north-west corner, and take that back down to 1F. Back on 1F you’ll be in a small corner area with another downwards ladder, 1F-G. Take that down to B1F.

What happens if Mewtwo disappears from sight?

You see, Cerulean Cave opens up after you defeat the Elite Four and become the Pokemon League Champion. Although the cave remains open from this point on, Mewtwo will disappear if he defeats you until you beat the Elite Four again. So; don’t worry if Mewtwo is gone. He will return once you beat the Elite Four again.

What happens if Mewtwo runs away?

Answer: Yes! If you miss Mewtwo because you or he runs away, he will respawn after beating the Elite Four another time. He will not respawn if you catch him.

What is Mewtwo weak against?


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