Which is the most difficult exam in world?

Which is the most difficult exam in world?

Toughest Exams In The World

  • CCIE- Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert.
  • GATE- Gratitude Aptitude Test in Engineering.
  • Gaokao.
  • IIT-JEE – Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination.
  • UPSC- Union Public Service Commission.
  • Mensa.
  • GRE- Graduate Record Examinations.
  • CFA- Chartered Financial Analyst.

What is a good gaokao score?

A score between 640 and 680 is usually good enough to be accepted by any of the highest ranking universities in China. The twins took the same classes at the same high school in Chengdu, Sichuan Province and spent nearly half of their high school years entering academic competitions, the report said.

Is STPM the hardest exam in the world?

The STPM is acknowledged as one of the toughest exams in the world to study. Since the Foundation programme is much easier than the STPM, you would probably get a high score in the Foundation programme and get a scholarship for the Degree course.

How do I get a 4.0 STPM?

8 Tips on How to Score Well in STPM

  1. #1 Set your mind on it.
  2. #2 Plan your semester. No more last-minute.
  3. #3 Do pre-reading before classes.
  4. #4 Stay focus in class.
  5. #5 Make use of your free time at school.
  6. #6 Practice makes perfect.
  7. #7 Treat every exam as if it is your last shot.
  8. #8 Relax! Enjoy it while it lasts.

Is STPM a good choice?

If you are considering STPM, you will need to wait for about 5 months after completing SPM before you can start your STPM studies. A-Level, on the other hand, has intakes in January and March which means that minimal time is wasted. Bottom Line: If you’re not in a rush, STPM can be a good choice.

Is STPM harder than a-level?

Difficulty to score: STPM is way harder, just compare the number of straight A (CGPA4. 00) of STPM vs of A-level you will get the idea, mind you that the number of STPM students is way more than number of A-level students yet only very few STPM students score the best 4.00 CGPA result every year.

Can Form 6 students dye hair?

You can’t dye your hair, there’s a strict uniform code, phones are not allowed in school, and the list just goes on!

What if I failed my STPM?

If you fail in your STPM you can still use your SPM. But the thing is STPM allows you to get into Degree straight. SPM only can enter foundation or Diploma or Alevels. So, you are wasting your time in STPM if you really fail it.

How difficult is STPM?

Student Comment 5: STPM is very tough to pass. You are assessed through course work and final examination. About 20-40 % of the assessment is through course work for each subject. The final examination carries 60 – 80pc marks.

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