Which missions did Junipero Serra found?

Which missions did Junipero Serra found?

From 1770 to 1782 he founded eight more Californian missions: Carmel, his headquarters, at Monterey, in 1770; San Antonio and San Gabriel (near Los Angeles), 1771; San Luis Obispo, 1772; San Francisco (Mission Dolores) and San Juan Capistrano, 1776; Santa Clara, 1777; and San Buenaventura, 1782.

What happened during the age of contact?

They were survivors of a failed expedition to colonize Florida, shipwrecked in November of 1528 on the Texas coast after fleeing Florida in makeshift boats. Some 80 men wrecked on a barrier island – perhaps present-day Galveston.

Why is the period from 1528 to 1690 called the Age of contact?

The Newly formed colonial cities attracted exploration of the mainland. Spanish explorers came through the route of sea to conquer or explore the American land. The new colonial system was quite attractive to them. This time period is known as Age of contact because of all the explorers coming for expedition.

What happened in the age of contact 1519?

A 1519 expedition led by Alonzo Álvarez de Pineda sailed west from Florida toward Mexico, mapping the coastline of the land that became Texas. Some 80 men were wrecked on a barrier island – perhaps present-day Galveston.

What did Pineda find?

Álvarez de Pineda became the first European to see the coastal areas of what is now western Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas, lands he called “Amichel”. His map is the first known document of Texas history and was the first map of the Gulf Coast region of the United States.

What was the importance of Alvarez de Pineda’s voyage?

The stated purpose of Álvarez de Pineda’s voyage was to explore the coast between the discoveries of De León on the Florida peninsula and those made on behalf of Velázquez along the southern Gulf, in hope of finding a strait to the Pacific Ocean.

Why did explorers come to Texas?

The purpose of this mission was to spread Christianity to Native Americans in the area. The mission was a success, and more were promised. Cortés brings gold and silver from Mexico to Spain. Later expeditions to North America fail to bring back gold.

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