Which of the following are risks of media globalization?

Which of the following are risks of media globalization?

Cultural and ideological bias are not the only risks of media globalization. In addition to the risk of cultural imperialism and the loss of local culture, other problems come with the benefits of a more interconnected globe.

How has advertising significantly changed in the past few years?

How has advertising revenue significantly changed in the past few years? Online advertising revenue has fallen slightly, while newspaper advertising revenue has increased greatly. Cable and online revenue have remained gravely unchanged, while newspaper and magazine advertising revenue have fallen greatly. 9.

Which is not an example of new media?

New media does not include analog broadcast television programs, feature films, magazines, or books – unless they contain technologies that enable digital generative or interactive processes.

Which sociological perspective sees technology and media as a tool individuals use to?

Functionalism sees the contribution that technology and media provide to the stability of society, from facilitating leisure time to increasing productivity. Conflict theorists are more concerned with how technology reinforces inequalities among communities, both within and among countries.

Which of the following is an example of counterculture?

The hippie movement of the 1960’s is an example of a counterculture. Explanation: A counterculture is a subculture that is followed by some group of people whose behavior and ideas usually differ from the behavior of mainstream society.

Which is the best example of selective retention?

Selective Retention Examples:

  • A person may gradually reflect more positively on their time at school as they grow older.
  • A consumer might remember only the positive health benefits of a product they enjoy.
  • People who view a company favorably are likely to focus on the positive its times of trouble. [

What is an example of retention?

Retention is the act or condition of keeping or containing something. An example of retention is a dam holding back a river. An example of retention is someone being held in a rehabilitation center. An example of retention is memory.

What is an example of selective exposure?

Selective exposure avoids information inconsistent with one’s beliefs and attitudes. For example, former Vice President Dick Cheney would only enter a hotel room after the television was turned on and tuned to a conservative television channel.

What is selective recall?

The selective recall model states that this bias arises because memories of highly fearful experiences are more easily retrieved than memories of nonfearful experiences. A study of 100 spider-fearful Ss found that the magnitude of overprediction was smallest after fear-relevant priming, thus refuting the model.

What is new media example?

New media is any media – from newspaper articles and blogs to music and podcasts – that are delivered digitally. From a website or email to mobile phones and streaming apps, any internet-related form of communication can be considered new media. Other new media are entirely new, such as a podcast or smartphone app.

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