Which of the following filter is gives comparatively pure DC at output?

Which of the following filter is gives comparatively pure DC at output?

Series Inductor Filter The rectified output when passed through this filter, the inductor blocks the ac components that are present in the signal, in order to provide a pure dc.

Which type of filter is used in DC rectification?


Which is better a capacitor filter or an inductor filter?

Capacitors are cheaper than inductors and they hold the voltage constant whereas inductors tend to hold the current constant. It is best to use LC filters but inductors being more expensive, people use RC filters instead, as low-cost alternatives. With LC filters you get a steeper roll-off.

Which filter is suitable for all type of load?

Explanation: C filter improves the efficiency and eliminates ripples by keeping the output voltage constant. Explanation: Filter is always connected to the load side (output). Inductor has the property of keeping the current smooth and constant.

Why does inductor block AC and allows DC?

An inductor blocks AC while allowing DC because it resists a change in current. If you apply DC across an inductor, it will stabilize to some current flow based on the maximum current available from the current / voltage source.

Why are capacitor preferred over inductor for filter applications?

The response of a capacitive low-pass filter falls off with increasing frequency. However, despite their increased complexity, capacitive filter designs are generally preferred over inductive because capacitors tend to be “purer” reactive components than inductors and therefore are more predictable in their behavior.

Do capacitors filter AC or DC?

In power supplies, capacitors are used to smooth (filter) the pulsating DC output after rectification so that a nearly constant DC voltage is supplied to the load. The pulsating output of the rectifiers has an average DC value and an AC portion that is called ripple voltage.

Why capacitors are preferred over inductors?

Capacitors preserve voltage by storing energy in an electric field, whereas inductors preserve current by storing energy in a magnetic field. One result of this is that while capacitors conduct best at higher frequencies, inductors conduct best at lower frequencies.

Which is better capacitor or inductor?

Unlike resistors that dissipate energy, capacitors and inductors store energy in an electric field and magnetic field respectively….Capacitor vs Inductor.

Capacitor Inductor
The unit of capacitance is Farad The unit of inductance is Henry
Voltage lags current by π/2 Current lags voltage by π/2

Why are inductors avoided?

Magnetic properties of Inductors creates problems of space when put together in IC’s. Due to it’s magnetic coupling effects on each others the inductors required large separation space to avoid magnetic effects.

What is the opposite of a capacitor?

One important application of inductors in active circuits is that they tend to block high-frequency signals while letting lower-frequency oscillations pass. Note that this is the opposite function of capacitors.

What happens to a capacitor if too much voltage is supplied to the plates?

4 Answers. If the capacitor has a voltage across its plates and the supply is disconnected, the charge remains irrespective of the distance so, if distance increases (and capacitance falls) then voltage increases proportionally. If the plates are taken to an infinite distance, the voltage becomes infinite.

Can inductor be used in place of capacitor?

No, capacitor can’t replace an inductor in ac circuit because the the function of the two is different from other. Capacitor store electric charge in the form of electrostatic field where as Inductor store electric charge in the form of magnetic field.

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