Which of the following is the correct format for an MLA in-text citation for an article?

Which of the following is the correct format for an MLA in-text citation for an article?

In-text citations include the last name of the author followed by a page number enclosed in parentheses. “Here’s a direct quote” (Smith 8). If the author’s name is not given, then use the first word or words of the title. Follow the same formatting that was used in the Works Cited list, such as quotation marks.

How do you cite the entire Harry Potter series?

Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. New York: Scholastic, 1999. Print.

What are the three types of in text citations?

Types of in-text citation

  • Parenthetical citation: You put the source reference in parentheses directly in your text.
  • Note citation: You put the source reference in a footnote or endnote.
  • Numeric citation: You number each of your sources in the reference list and use the correct number when you want to cite a source.

Is Harry Potter a trilogy?

Imagine the stories condensed into 3 movies. The first movie is sourced from books one/two/three: ordinary boy Harry Potter discovers he’s a wizard, makes some friends and prevents the return of Voldemort. …

What are good series names?

101 Best Written TV Series

  • 1 THE SOPRANOS. Created by David Chase.
  • 2 SEINFELD. Created by Larry David & Jerry Seinfeld.
  • 3 THE TWILIGHT ZONE. Season One writers: Charles Beaumont, Richard Matheson, Robert Presnell, Jr., Rod Serling.
  • 5 M*A*S*H.
  • 7 MAD MEN.
  • 8 CHEERS.

Do you italicize the title of a series?

Titles of articles, chapters, poems, and shorter works are set in roman type and enclosed with quotation marks. Titles of book series or editions are capitalized, but not italicized.

Where does the question mark go after a quote?

Explanation: According to AP style, a question mark is inside quotation marks if that part is the question and outside the quotation marks if the whole sentence is a question. (The same rule applies to exclamation marks and dashes. Periods and commas always go inside quotation marks.)2020年2月10日

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