Which of the following is true about the Mayflower Compact laws would be established by majority rule?

Which of the following is true about the Mayflower Compact laws would be established by majority rule?

Answer. Option A, laws would be established by majority rule, is the right answer. The first governing document of the Plymouth Colony is known as the Mayflower Compact. This is how the Puritans agreed to the fact that laws would be established by majority rule.

What is true about the Mayflower Compact?

The Mayflower Compact created laws for Mayflower Pilgrims and non-Pilgrims alike for the good of their new colony. It was a short document which established that: the colonists would create one society and work together to further it. the colonists would live in accordance with the Christian faith.

What did the Mayflower Compact do quizlet?

This document was drafted in 1620 prior to settlement by the Pilgrims at Plymouth Bay in Massachusetts. It declared that the 41 males who signed it agreed to accept majority rule and participate in a government in the best interest of all members of the colony.

What action are they taking in the Mayflower Compact?

The rest of the Mayflower Compact is very short. It simply bound the signers into a “Civil Body Politic” for the purpose of passing “just and equal Laws . . . for the general good of the Colony.” But those few words expressed the idea of self-government for the first time in the New World.

When did they agree to the Mayflower Compact?


What were the names of the Mayflower passengers?

Mayflower (1620)

  • John Alden.
  • Isaac and Mary (Norris) Allerton, and children Bartholomew, Remember, and Mary.
  • John Allerton.
  • John and Eleanor Billington, and sons John and Francis.
  • William and Dorothy (May) Bradford.
  • William and Mary Brewster, and children Love and Wrestling.
  • Richard Britteridge.
  • Peter Browne.

Did the pilgrims have to pay for their journey?

Most of the pilgrims who made the trip were actually Separatist farmers. They were very poor, mostly uneducated, and had little money to invest in a trip all the way across the Atlantic. The pilgrims agreed to Weston’s proposal and he funded the trip once an agreement was reached.

Did the Mayflower have a motor?

Alan Villiers and his crew sailed her across the Atlantic without a propulsion engine in 1957. Sledgehammers are essential. Trunnels and spikes are all driven by hand. Mayflower II is historically important in her own right.

What was the height of the Mayflower?

80–90 ft (24–27.5 m) on deck, 100–110 ft (30–33.5 m) overall. Mayflower was an English ship that transported a group of English families known today as the Pilgrims from England to the New World in 1620.

Why is the Mayflower ship important?

The Mayflower is one of the most important ships in American history. This cargo ship brought the pilgrims to Massachusetts during the Great Puritan Migration in the 17th century. These pilgrims were some of the first settlers to America after they established the Plymouth colony.

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