Which of the following was a group that tried to spread Catholic teaching after the Reformation?

Which of the following was a group that tried to spread Catholic teaching after the Reformation?

Many of the new Catholic missionaries were Jesuits. These priests went to Africa and Asia to spread Catholicism. One of the most important missionaries was a Jesuit named Francis Xavier. Missionaries baptized millions of people, and through their work the effects of the Catholic Reformation reached far beyond Europe.

Why did Henry VIII break with the Catholic Church how did he do so?

Why did he break away from the Catholic church? He wanted to divorce his wife, Catherine of Aragon, because she bore him no male heir and the pope wouldn’t let him. Henry VIII divorced her b/c she didn’t have sons.

What was the main problem with indulgences?

By the late Middle Ages indulgences were used to support charities for the public good including hospitals. But the abuse of indulgences, mainly through commercialization, had become a serious problem which the church recognized but was unable to restrain effectively.

What was one of the main reasons that the Catholic Church began the Counter-Reformation?

Early calls for reform grew out of criticism of the worldly attitudes and policies of the Renaissance popes and many of the clergy. New religious orders and other groups were founded to effect a religious renewal—e.g., the Theatines, the Capuchins, the Ursulines, and especially the Jesuits.

What caused the Catholic Counter-Reformation?

Throughout the middle ages the Catholic Church sunk deeper into a pit of scandal and corruption. By the 1520s, Martin Luther’s ideas crystallized opposition to the Church, and Christian Europe was torn apart. In response, the Catholic Church set in motion the counter-reformation.

How did the Catholic Church change after the Reformation?

The Catholic Church eliminated the sale of indulgences and other abuses that Luther had attacked. Catholics also formed their own Counter-Reformation that used both persuasion and violence to turn back the tide of Protestantism.

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