Which statement best describes religions in the Middle East before the idea of monotheism?

Which statement best describes religions in the Middle East before the idea of monotheism?

Prior to monotheism, most religions were based on worshipping many gods. They used to worship anything from nature. After Muhammad rose up as a leader, all of that stopped, and Arabic people started to believe in one god only.

Why is monotheism so popular?

Why is monotheism so popular despite being much newer as a religion? In reality even the strictest monotheistic religions will develop polytheistic attributes, polytheism just works better for people. But what made monotheism so popular is (1) it is simple (2) its exclusive.

What is monotheism in religion?

The three religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam readily fit the definition of monotheism, which is to worship one god while denying the existence of other gods. That unity goes back to Adam, the first human being, and his creation by God.

How did Siddharth save the swan?

Answer: the the Prince in the story name Siddhartha becomes the great lord Buddha when he grew up. in the story prince Siddhartha cousin shot the swan with an arrow and claimed it was his now. but Siddhartha saved his life so according to the king the swan was owned by Siddhartha.

Who shot the swan and who saved the life of it?

“But Siddhartha saved it. The bird belongs to the one who saved it, and not to the one who tried to kill it,” said the wise judge. By that time the wound had healed, and the bird had fully recovered. Siddhartha went out and let the bird go.

Why did the swan fall at Siddhartha’s feet?

Prince Siddhartha was the son of King Sudhodana and Queen Maya. Suddenly there was a piercing shriek and Siddhartha looked up to see one of the swans drop to the ground, bleeding. The Prince rushed to the spot where the bird fell. He saw that an arrow had pierced one of its wings and the bird was writhing in pain.

Who wanted the swan?

Prince Siddhartha took out the arrow from its body very gently and cleaned its wound. “It is my swan. I have hunted it down.” It was Devadatta, Prince Siddhartha’s cousin. He demanded his hunt.

Who got the swan finally Class 5?

Dev Datt

What is the moral of the story Siddhartha and the swan?

Answer: The moral of the story the Swan and the Princes is that the person who saves a life is more valuable than the person who kills or tried to kill a life. The Prince in the story named Siddhartha becomes the Great Lord Buddha when he grew up.

Who got the swan finally answer?

Answer: Siddhartha claimed that the swan was his because he had saved it. Question 3.

Who shot the swan answer?

The Swan And The Princess Question Answer Question 5. What made Dev Datt and Siddhartha approach the King? Answer: Devadatta shot a swan.

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