Which two religions use illuminated manuscripts?

Which two religions use illuminated manuscripts?

Illuminated manuscripts have historically been created and used by Christianity and Islamic. EXPLANATION : Illuminated manuscripts are handwritten books that use gold or silver texts. Illuminates manuscripts were used in Christianity and Islamic scripture or practice.

Is an art form involving taking animals or objects and giving them human shapes and or qualities?

Answer: Anthropomorphic imagery is taking animals or objects and giving them human shapes and/or qualities.

What is religious imagery?

A religious image, sometimes called a votive image, is a work of visual art that is representational and has a religious purpose, subject or connection.

Is your leadership based on influence or authority?

Again, as leaders, your employees do have to follow your lead and that alone is a sign of your authority. But getting people to believe in your vision, in the goals you want to achieve requires influence, something we don’t have a right to simply because of our title or role.

Why is influence more powerful than authority?

Influence is an equally common and powerful phenomenon that relies on nothing more than words and relationships. Authority is the power or right to give orders and make decisions. Influence is the ability to affect ideas and actions. Authority is more concrete and obvious than influence.

What is the relationship between authority and leadership?

Authority is the position; leadership is the character of the player. Authority doesn’t grant you automatic devotion, nor does it inspire those around you. It lends you the power to give orders, but a good leader realizes their role involves much more than giving orders and observing the results.

What is the difference between a leader and someone in a position of power?

Power is a person’s ability to control activities of other individuals. Leadership is the ability to inspire people to follow your instructions voluntarily and manage the completion of a project without exercising any form of force.

What is the connection between power and authority?

The term authority identifies the political legitimacy, which grants and justifies the ruler’s right to exercise the power of government; and the term power identifies the ability to accomplish an authorized goal, either by compliance or by obedience; hence, authority is the power to make decisions and the legitimacy …

Which is the oldest type of leadership?

Trait theory

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