Which word describes a situation in which both parties work together?

Which word describes a situation in which both parties work together?

Answer Expert Verified. Bipartisanship is when two parties that usually oppose each other work together on something. For example, if there is a war and both parties support it then it doens’t matter that they disagree with each other on economic policies or social problems.

How do liberals differ from conservatives quizlet?

Liberal policies generally emphasize the need for the government to solve problems. Believe the role of government should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals. Conservative policies generally emphasize empowerment of the individual to solve problems. You just studied 24 terms!

What is the term for an informal type of opinion poll?

A straw poll, straw vote, or straw ballot is an ad hoc or unofficial vote. It is used to show the popular opinion on a certain matter, and can be used to help politicians know the majority opinion and help them decide what to say in order to gain votes.

What is the term for a political technique that pretends to take a poll?

A push poll is an interactive marketing technique, most commonly employed during political campaigning, in which an individual or organization attempts to manipulate or alter prospective voters’ views under the guise of conducting an opinion poll.

What is the Bradley Wilder Effect?

The Bradley effect (less commonly the Wilder effect) is a theory concerning observed discrepancies between voter opinion polls and election outcomes in some United States government elections where a white candidate and a non-white candidate run against each other.

Why are public opinion polls important quizlet?

It identifies issues for resolution, brings views into political debate, helps choose the political candidates, and gives policymakers some idea of what the voters want.

What are the purposes of public opinion polls?

Opinion polls are usually designed to represent the opinions of a population by conducting a series of questions and then extrapolating generalities in ratio or within confidence intervals.

How are polls used to measure public opinion quizlet?

Public opinion is best measured by public opinion polls. Opinion polls are taken in order to collect information by asking people questions. There are two major types of opinion polls: straw polls and scientific polls. Early polling efforts relied on the straw vote.

What is public opinion and what factors shape it quizlet?

Public opinion is those attitudes held by a significant number of people on matters of the government and politics. The main factors shaping public opinion include family, school/education, mass media, peer groups, opinion leaders, and historic events.

What are the 5 ways that public opinion can be measured quizlet?

Public opinion is measured by election results, personal contacts, media reporting, and especially by polls.

What role does public opinion play in democracy?

According to Robert Shapiro, public opinion and policy-making are fundamental to a democracy, which is linked to electoral accountability, meaning that the leader who was elected “will not deviate far from voters’ opinion”.

In what ways can public opinion affect government policy quizlet?

Public opinion does not make public policy; rather, it restrains government officials from making truly unpopular actions/laws. Representatives on each level of government must use their own ideology and constituents desires to make what they feel is the best choice for their town, county, district, or state.

Which of these is a role of public opinion in a democracy quizlet?

It guides government action, influences public policy, gives feedback to politicians. It gives self rule in democracy.

How do most scholars characterize public opinion quizlet?

Most scholars who study public opinion believe that expressed opinions seldom represent underlying attitudes. In theory, ideologies promote consistency among political attitudes by connecting them to a more general principle or set of principles. are incoherently connected beliefs.

What category of public opinion is the simple sum of many individual opinions quizlet?

category 1- public opinion is an aggregation of individual opinions. Many researchers think of public opinion as the simple sum of many individual opinions. This is the most common definition, and it serves the justification for using polls and surveys through random selection.

Is the ability of the media to help shape public opinion respecting an event or a person in the public sphere quizlet?

agenda setting. is the ability of the media to help shape public opinion respecting an event or a person in the public sphere.

What are the three broad functions the media serve within their communities quizlet?

The collection, dissemination, and analysis of news and information by the general public, especially by means of the Internet. Mass media filter down all of what is happening in a given community into a specific set of news that is then transmitted to an audience.

What entity is responsible for issuing regulations concerning broadcast media quizlet?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issues these licenses and is in charge of regulating the airwaves.

What entity is responsible for issuing regulations concerning broadcast media?

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is an independent government agency responsible for regulating the radio, television and phone industries. The FCC regulates all interstate communications, such as wire, satellite and cable, and international communications originating or terminating in the United States.

Which of the following regulates radio television and cable networks?

The Federal Communications Commission regulates interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Why does the Supreme Court allow greater restrictions on the speech of broadcasters than it allows for print media?

The Court said that the First Amendment protection of broadcasters is limited because of spectrum scarcity, allowing courts to restrict indecency in broadcasting whereas they can’t in other media.

What is the difference between a person’s right to assemble and his her right to petition?

The “right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” protects two distinct rights: assembly and petition. Assembly is the only right in the First Amendment that requires more than a lone individual for its exercise. One can speak alone; one cannot assemble alone.

Should the 1st Amendment freedom of speech extend to Internet communications?

American Civil Liberties Union (1997) the Supreme Court struck down this law as being too vague. Instead, the Court ruled that speech on the Internet should receive the highest level of First Amendment protection—like that extended to the print media.

What justification does the US government give for regulating the speech of broadcasters?

FCC content regulation has been justified The FCC’s so-called fairness doctrine required broadcasters, as a condition of monopoly over frequencies, to provide programming in the public interest, to discuss controversial issues, and to give time to opponents for prevailing views.

Can the government limit when and where an activity takes place?

Police and government officials are allowed to place certain nondiscriminatory and narrowly drawn “time, place and manner” restrictions on the exercise of First Amendment rights. Any such restrictions must apply to all speech regardless of its point of view.

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