Who are the Fords from HGTV?

Who are the Fords from HGTV?

Leanne and Steve Ford Are Back With a Brand New Show Siblings Leanne and Steve Ford help people move back to where they grew up. These houses have a lot of love and history in their walls, and Steve and Leanne’s challenge is to respect their past while updating the homes for the new generation.

What happened to restored by the Fords?

According to Loren Ruch, the group senior vice president of development and production for HGTV, Restored by the Fords has been officially replaced by Home Again With the Fords to capture the nostalgia of returning to one’s childhood home (via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review) — one of the founding aspects of the original …

Are the Fords on HGTV brother and sister?

Learn more about Leanne Ford, co-host of Restored by the Fords on HGTV. Siblings Leanne and Steve Ford enliven older Pittsburgh-area homes with beautiful and unique custom designs in HGTV’s new home renovation series Restored by the Fords.

Are Steve and Leanne Ford twins?

Pairing her flair for a warm design style with his cool, renovation expertise, dynamic brother-sister duo, Leanne Ford and Steve Ford of HGTV’s Restored by the Fords might be best known for upgrading historic homes, but the two are taking another inventive turn with their latest endeavor.

Who is Steve Ford’s girlfriend?

The only relationship that Steve has ever spoken about is his relationship with Sara Bendrick.

Did Leanne Ford’s husband take her last name?

The couple eloped While they publically announced that they were dating in 2016, the couple also surprised everyone when they decided to get married shortly after in 2017. I guess you’d call this an #elopement?!” Allen Ford also took his wife’s last name — we stan a progressive power couple!

Who did Leanne Ford marry?

In this one, Leanne and Steve head back to where they grew up to restore the homes in the area. But if you love Leanne on your TV screen, her relationship with husband Erik Allen Ford will make you melt.

Are either of the Fords married?

But, at home, Leanne has just as romantic a life as the Fixer Upper stars. The designer is married to Erik Allen Ford (he added her last name to his, according to House Beautiful), and the happy couple have a daughter together.

Is Leanne Ford still married?

She’s happily married Her husband is Erik Allen Ford. The couple was married in November of 2017. They just recently had a child together Their son, Ever Allen Ford was born on March 18, 2019.

Who is older Steve or Leanne?

21 Years Young. On the left is Leanne and Steve’s older sister, who Leanne says jokingly calls herself “the other sister.” The three were celebrating Leanne’s 21st birthday at summer camp.

Does Leanne Ford have a daughter?

Ever Allen Ford

Is Leanne Ford from the Ford family?

Restored by the Fords Star Leanne Ford and Her Husband Erik Allen Ford Redefine ‘Spontaneous’ Since coming onto the HGTV scene, Leanne Ford has made a name for herself as a creative, earning nearly 14 million views alongside her brother, Steve Ford, on the first season of Restored by the Fords.

Who is Leanne Ford’s parents?

Family Life She was born on June 29, 1981, in Pennsylvania, USA to mother Jackie Ford and Mike Ford, who passed away in 2004. She has two siblings – sister Michelle Ford and Steve Ford.

What is Leanne Ford salary?

Alongside her interior design work, co-hosting a TV show and her furniture collaboration with Crate and Barrel, her current net worth is roughly $2 million, as reported by StarsOffline.

How old is Leanne Ford designer?

Name Leanne Ford
Nickname Leanne
Birth Place Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA)
Date Of Birth June 29, 1981
Age 40 years

Is Leanne Ford a trained designer?

Like Amber, Leanne was not formally trained in school, but had a natural eye for design. She was in the fashion industry, kicking ass as a creative director and stylist, but once she really started to dabbling in interior design, she knew this was going to be the next chapter in her career.

Does Leanne Ford have a sister?

It also means more time with Leanne Ford’s mother, Jackie; her famous co-star brother, Steve Ford; and her sister, Michelle. Leanne and Steve now star in the renamed version of their original show, “Home Again With the Fords,” born out of her move back to Pittsburgh.

Where does Leanne Ford buy her clothes?

Topshop and Free People make some of Leanne’s favorite pairs of overalls, which she often pairs with a tee from her husband’s line, Buck Mason. The line has also become a staple for her brother, Steve, to wear on the show. “Sometimes it’s like we’re an ad for them, we wear it so often,” Leanne laughs.

What is Leanne Ford’s design style?

Her Designs are Minimalistic With a Twist In an interview with HGTV.com back in January 2019, Leanne described her aesthetic as, “warm, easy and minimalistic.” We agree, and totally heart them all.

Where did Leanne Ford go to college?

Ohio University

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