Who became the Minister of Magic immediately after Rufus Scrimgeour died?

Who became the Minister of Magic immediately after Rufus Scrimgeour died?

20th century

# Minister for Magic (term of office)
32 Cornelius Fudge 1990 to 1996
33 Rufus Scrimgeour 1996 to 1997
34 (omitted) Pius Thicknesse 1997 to 1998
35 Kingsley Shacklebolt 1998 to 2019

Who takes over the Ministry of Magic?

Lord Voldemort

Who took over for Rufus Scrimgeour?

Gawain Robards

Does Harry Potter becomes Minister of Magic?

No Harry doesn’t become the minister of magic. That position is taken by Hermione. Harry becomes the 2nd most influential person – head of the auror office.

Did Dolores Umbridge know the locket was a Horcrux?

So Umbridge acquires the locket as a bribe from Mundungus Fletcher, and though it once belonged to Salazar Slytherin, Merope Gaunt, and Hepzibah Smith, Umbridge is unaware that the locket is one of Lord Vodemort’s Horcruxes – or that it belonged to him at all.

How did Regulus a black die?

Regulus Black is the brother of Sirius Black. He is also a former Death Eater, although he defied Voldemort and found, and intended to destroy, Salazar Slytherin’s locket (a horcrux) and died when dragged into the lake and drowned by Voldemort’s inferi.

Why did Dolores Umbridge send the Dementors?

Wanting to discredit Harry Potter, Madam Undersecretary Dolores Umbridge ordered two Azkaban Dementors to Little Whinging in order to silence him. Harry managed to drive the Azkaban guards away with a corporeal Patronus, thus saving himself and his cousin, but was punished by the Ministry regardless.

Did Snape really kill Dumbledore?

As well, it was an act of mercy, as Dumbledore was already dying, from the curse he received because of the Ring. So, Snape killed Dumbledore but he didn’t cause his death. The curse and the potion did it. The only wizard Lord Voldemort had ever feared and who had the power to oppose him was finally dead.

Why did Albus Dumbledore have to die?

Why did Dumbledore have to die in Harry Potter? – Quora. The foremost reason of why he had to die was his past obsession with deathly hallows. He carelessly touched Marvolo’s ring , which resulted in hs being affected by Voldemort’s curse. Snape clearly told him that it is a curse that will spread with time.

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