Who can see remind messages?

Who can see remind messages?

Contact information is completely private between students, parents, and teachers. All messages are sent through Remind numbers and emails, not your personal phone number or email address.

Can you delete messages on remind?

Remind messages can’t be edited or deleted once they’ve been sent. A clear and accurate record of the messages sent helps keep communication more safe. Although participants can delete texts from their phones, these messages will still appear in their Remind message history.

How do I stop getting remind texts?

To block all text messages from Remind, reply STOP to 81010. To be removed from only one class, reply: @leave @code to 81010. If, for example, the code for the class you no longer wanted to be in was “math,” you would text: @leave @math.

Is there an app that will automatically send texts?

SMS Scheduler is an Android app that not only lets you schedule texts in advance but you can schedule a single text to multiple contacts. This feature comes in handy in situations when you have to send a common message like a meeting agenda or timings to a group of people.

Is there an app to send delayed text messages?

A few of the most popular and well-received apps for scheduling SMS messages include: Text Later. This free app sends SMS messages at any time or date you choose. It also features a “wake lock” option that ensures that all scheduled messages are sent, even if your device is in a CPU idle sleep state.

How do you send a daily text message automatically?

To schedule, long press “Send” to open the sending options. Select “Schedule Message.” Select the date and time you want to send the message. Tap “Send” to confirm.

Can you schedule an iMessage?

There’s no built-in text message scheduling features for iMessage or iOS devices. You can download an app or third-party text message scheduling software. Or, you can set yourself a reminder using your native reminder app as a workaround (more on that below). For Android users, it’s mostly the same story.

How do you send a timed text on iPhone?

How to schedule messages in the iOS Shortcuts app

  1. Open the Delayed Time iMessage link above on your iOS device (Make sure the Shortcuts app is installed first.)
  2. Tap “Get Shortcut” to download and install the shortcut.
  3. After download is complete, open the Shortcuts app.
  4. Find and run “Delayed Time iMessage.”

How do you schedule Imessages on iPhone?

How to schedule SMS or iMessage for later

  1. 2) Tap on the Create Message button.
  2. 5) Tap on the Schedule Date button, and select a date and time when you want to be reminded to send that message.
  3. 7) When the time comes, you will receive a notification reminding you to send that message.

How do you send a lot of texts at once?


  1. Tap Android Messages.
  2. Tap Menu (3 dots in the top right corner)
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Advanced.
  5. Tap Group Messaging.
  6. Tap “Send an SMS reply to all recipients and get individual replies (mass text)”

How do you send a text to more than one person on Iphone?

Send a group text message

  1. Open Messages and tap the Compose button .
  2. Enter the names or tap the Add button. to add people from your contacts.
  3. Type your message, then tap the Send button .

How do I send a text to multiple contacts without a group message?

From Settings tap Messages, then toggle both iMessage and MMS Messaging to off (you lose all the advantages of iMessage, like end-to-end encryption, at the same time). You can then go back into the Messages app, and create a new message for multiple recipients without starting a group chat.

How do I send a text to multiple contacts without a group message on Iphone?

The feature you are looking for exists by using SMS. This can be done by toggling off iMessage and by toggling off “Group Messaging”. Both of these settings are found in Settings > Messages. When iMessage and Group Messaging are off, you will be able to send a multiple recipeint text using SMS.

Can you blind cc a text message?

Sending A BCC Text Message with your iPhone or Android Phone is easy with Hit Em Up! It’s basically a group text with the reply to sender only. Preview your bcc text message (group text with reply to sender only) before sending.. with Hit Em Up App!

What is SMS vs MMS?

SMS and MMS are two ways to send what we commonly refer to under the umbrella term as text messages. The most simple way to understand the difference is that SMS refers to text messages, while MMS refers to messages with a picture or video.

Why are some of my texts green and some blue?

If your iPhone messages are green, it means that they’re being sent as SMS text messages rather than as iMessages, which appear in blue. iMessages only work between Apple users. You’ll always see green when writing to Android users, or when you’re not connected to the internet.

Why did my text messages turn from blue to green?

If you own an iPhone, you may have noticed something odd in the Messages app: Some messages are blue and some are green. Short answer: Blue ones have been sent or received using Apple’s iMessage technology, while green ones are “traditional” text messages exchanged via Short Messaging Service, or SMS.

What is the difference between iMessage and text message?

iMessages are in blue and text messages are green. iMessages only work between iPhones (and other Apple devices such as iPads). If you are using an iPhone and you send a message to a friend on Android, it will be sent as a SMS message and will be green.

What is the point of iMessage?

iMessage is end-to-end encrypted, it supports SMS, and it’s packed with features that range from gimmicky (Animoji) to can’t-live-without-it useful (Memoji). The experience of one iPhone user messaging another is seamless, secure, and convenient. The same can’t be said for Android users.

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