Who comes under scheduled caste?

Who comes under scheduled caste?

Scheduled caste communities were considered avarna, or outside the existing varna system. They were considered to be a section of people in Hindu society who are not from the four major varnas, i.e., Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra. Those who belonged to one of the four major varnas are called Savarna.

Which caste comes under SC in Haryana?

List of Scheduled Castes in Haryana State

List of Scheduled Castes in Haryana State
13 Deha, Dhaya Dhea Sansi, Bhedkut or Manesh
14 Dhogri, dhangri or Siggi Sansoi
15 Dhanak Sapela, Sapera
16 Dumna, Mahasha or Doom Sarera

Is jatav a Chamar?

Jatav, also known as Jatava/ Jatan/ Jatua/ Jatia, is an Indian social group that are considered to be a part of the Chamar sub-caste, (now often termed Dalit), who are classified as a Scheduled Caste under modern India’s system of positive discrimination.

Are Chamar Aryans?

Hindi, Rajasthani, Punjabi, and the other languages of northern India commonly spoken by Chamārs belong to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family. The leatherworking castes in southern India speak languages belonging to the Dravidian family.

Is Yadav a lower caste?

Classification. The Yadavs are included in the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) category in the Indian states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal.

What are Yadav called in Haryana?

Ahir or Aheer is a community in India, most members of which identify as being of the Indian Yadav community because they consider the two terms to be synonymous. The Ahirs are variously described as a caste, a clan, a community, a race and a tribe.

What is Rao Sahab?

Rai Sahib / Rao Saheb / Roy Sahib / Rao Sahib abbreviated R.S., was a title of honour issued during the era of British rule in India to individuals who performed faithful service or acts of public welfare to the nation. From 1911 the title was accompanied by a special Title Badge.

Who is the founder of Yadav?

Yadava dynasty, rulers of a 12th–14th-century Hindu kingdom of central India in what is now the Indian state of Maharashtra. Originally a feudatory of the Eastern Chalukyas of Kalyani, the dynasty became paramount in the Deccan under Bhillama (c. 1187–91), who founded Devagiri (later Daulatabad) as his capital.

How many gotra are in Ahir?

The North Western Ahirs have only 97 Gotras which also include 20 percent Jat Gotras. The Ahirs are divided in two dynasties i.e. ‘Yadu Bansi’ and Gowal Bansi.

Who returned the title Rai Sahib?

For Sikhs it was Sardar Bahadur. Those awarded the Rao Bahadur title were usually drawn from the lower rank of Rai Sahib, both of which were below the rank of Dewan Bahadur. These titles were subordinate to the two orders of knighthood: the Order of the Indian Empire and the higher Order of the Star of India.

What is the caste of Rai?

It is derived from Raja (king, prince or chief). The Marathi/Telugu variant is Rao. The title was adopted as surname by Bhumihar Brahmin and Rajbhar of the Puravanchal region. But other caste like, Jaat and Yadavs also use this surname.

Which article puts an end to all titles like Rai Sahab Khan Bahadur ‘?

Article 18

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