Who did Ella Fitzgerald influence?

Who did Ella Fitzgerald influence?

Her interest in Ella comes among a broad range of other classic influences. “Eva Cassidy is my absolute idol,” she added. “I’m also hugely inspired by Freddie Mercury from Queen – his singing is amazing, his delivery was really flawless,” she added. “People who inspire my songwriting are Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan.”

What was Ella Fitzgerald known for?

The First Lady of Song

Why is Ella Fitzgerald important to the Harlem Renaissance?

​Ella Fitzgerald was well known throughout the Harlem Renaissance for her musical talent. Like Billie Holiday, she was one of the inspiring women that brought passion in the Renaissance. Fitzgerald has won her name “First Lady of Song” or “First Lady of Jazz” proudly with her beautiful voice.

What accomplishments did Ella Fitzgerald have during her lifetime?


  • 13 Grammy awards.
  • A-Tisket, A-Tasket entered into the Grammy Hall of Fame.
  • Kennedy Center for Performing Arts’ Medal of Honor Award.
  • The Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Pied Piper Award.
  • American Society of Composers.
  • Women at Work organization’s Bicentennial Woman.

What award was Ella Fitzgerald the first African American to win?

Grammy Award

Is Ella Fitzgerald the first African American Grammy?

She won for both, for Best Jazz Performance, Individual (… Duke Ellington Songbook) and Best Vocal Performance, Female (… Irving Berlin Songbook). Fitzgerald simultaneously became the first African-American woman to win a GRAMMY and the first woman to win multiple GRAMMY Awards.

Who was the first African American singer to win a Grammy?

Ella Fitzgerald

Who was the first black person to vote?

Thomas Mundy Peterson (October 6, 1824 – February 4, 1904) of Perth Amboy, New Jersey was the first African-American to vote in an election under the just-enacted provisions of the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution. His vote was cast on March 31, 1870.

Who won the most Grammys in a night?

Michael Jackson

Who won the most Grammys ever?

Sir Georg Solti

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