Who did Sharon Watts marry?

Who did Sharon Watts marry?

Dean originally quit the role in 1995 after ten years, with Sharon departing following the breakdown of her marriage. In May 2001, Sharon was reintroduced by producer John Yorke….

Sharon Watts
Introduced by Julia Smith (1985) John Yorke (2001) Bryan Kirkwood (2012)

Did Ian Beale marry Mandy?

Mandy’s departure circled around Ian’s fragile emotional and mental state resulting from financial ruin and his brother Ben’s confession that he murdered Heather Trott. During these events, Ian decided to bring his wedding to Mandy forward, despite her reservations following the death of her mother.

Who is Sharon’s husband in Eastenders?


Are Ian and Sharon married?

Watch Next. EastEnders ‘ Sharon Watts has officially become Sharon Beale in the end credits of the programme after marrying Ian on Thursday’s episode.

Are Sharon and Ian together?

Sharon was taken aback by his proposal, as were Kathy (Gillian Taylforth) and Peter (Dayle Hudson). However, as the episode concluded, Sharon accepted, and married Ian in a rather quick ceremony!

Does Sharon poison Ian?

Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) attempted to take his own life in EastEnders tonight (January 22), with Sharon’s (Letitia Dean) poisoned spaghetti. Ian broke down in tears, and revealed that — in spite of Sharon’s belief that he is responsible for Dennis’ death — he did, in fact, try to rescue the young boy.

What’s Sharon poisoning Ian with?

The landlady – who is played by Letitia Dean in the BBC One soap – has slowly been poisoning her husband with crushed up pills since Christmas Day, when it was revealed she and her ex Phil knew all about his part in their son Dennis’s death.

Is Ian Beale going to die?

While Adam is departing from the show, it’s important to note that his exit is only temporary and is said to be away from the show for about ten weeks. Ian Beale will be back, so we can safely answer ‘no’ to the question of whether he will die.

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