Who first played the recorder?

Who first played the recorder?

The instrument has been known by its modern English name at least since the 14th century. David Lasocki reports the earliest use of “recorder” in the household accounts of the Earl of Derby (later King Henry IV) in 1388, which register i.

What were the first recorders made of?

As a musical instrument, the recorder is identified by its whistle mouthpiece (also known as a fipple or duct), by the seven fingerholes on the front of the instrument, and by the thumbhole on the back side. Until our time, it was usually made of wood, although occasionally of ivory.

When did recorders become popular?

The recorder, which has become the most widely popular of all end-blown flutes, came into being in Europe during the Middle Ages. From the second half of the 15th century to the 17th century it was frequently seen in lively performances.

How old is the recorder?

The recorder likely dates back to the Middle Ages (5th-15th centuries), based on instruments appearing in artwork of the period. One of the oldest recorders still in existence was discovered in Göttigen, Germany and likely dates from between 1246 and 1322.

What is the oldest instrument?

Neanderthal flute

What is the largest recorder?

A fully-functional recorder constructed of specially-treated stone pine and measuring 5 m 16 ft 5 in in length was made in Iceland by Stefan Geir Karlsson in 1994.

Who is the best recorder in the world?

  • Our pick. Sony UX560. The best voice recorder. The Sony UX560 is an easy-to-use recorder that provides crisp, clear audio in the most-common recording situations.
  • Runner-up. Olympus WS-853. More storage and longer battery life, lower-quality audio.
  • Budget pick. Sony ICD-PX470. If you mainly record in quiet environments.

What is the most expensive recorder?

Dream Recorders

Instrument Features Net Price
Dream-Edition Soprano in c” two piece, double holes 377.00
Dream-Edition Alto in f’ two piece, double holes 645.00
Dream-Edition Tenor in c’ two piece, double holes 1,369.00
Dream-Edition Bass in f bent neck, three piece, double hole, double key 2,541.00

Who is the best recorder player?

The best record player for 2021

  • Best overall for the money. Fluance RT82. $300 at Amazon.
  • Best ultrabudget turntable. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X. $207 at Amazon.
  • Best under $400. Pro-Ject T1. $349 at Crutchfield.
  • Best record player under $500. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO.
  • Best record player under $1,000. Rega Planar 3.

Who plays a recorder?

A recorder player is a musician who plays the recorder, a woodwind musical instrument. The recorder is used as a teaching instrument and has a large amateur following.

Does vinyl sound better?

Vinyl sounds better than MP3s ever could. Most of the music is broadcast in some lossy format, where details are missed, and the overall quality is reduced. Vinyl is far more high-quality. No audio data is lost when pressing a record.

Can a recorder Sound good?

Unfortunately, it is a very easy instrument to play badly. However, if it’s taught well it can sound beautiful even at a very elementary stage. Children in our pre-instrumental classes have a chance to hear a wide variety of different instruments before they choose which they would like to learn.

Is the recorder difficult to play?

Compared to other instruments, the recorder is relatively easy to play, making it a great first instrument for kids or novice musicians. They come in many different colors and sizes to fit you. Recorders are a good stepping stone to harder blowing instruments that are held vertically, such as oboe or clarinet.

Why did we learn the recorder?

Why is the recorder the first instrument used to teach kids how to play music? DePriest: The fact that it’s a simple, direct melody instrument makes it the perfect instrument for young learners. Because of its ubiquity as a learning instrument, it’s developed a reputation as a pre-band, kiddie instrument.

Can a recorder be out of tune?

Originally Answered: Why are some notes on my recorder out of tune? You need to explore alternate fingerings. Often adding an additional finger or half hole below the regular F fingering will correct things. There are lots of resources on the web, look for recorder fingering chart.

Is recorder easy to master?

The recorder has the advantage of needing little financial outlay. It is relatively easy to start playing but requires much practice to master. It can be enjoyed on its own or in an ensemble. the latter being most enjoyable and also providing social life.

Is recorder a serious instrument?

For most of us, a plastic recorder was the first musical instrument we encountered back in elementary school, and for that reason it’s something we tend to think of as a childhood toy. However, the recorder is actually a serious instrument, with a rich history that goes back to ancient times.

What are the 5 types of recorders?

The 5 main types of recorders used in recorder consorts (ensembles) are sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass.

Are wooden recorders better than plastic ones?

Wooden recorders are much more rewarding to play as they allow you to play with more expression. You can get more dynamics and colour from a wooden recorder. There is more resistance in wooden recorders, and often they are easier to play than plastic ones, especially on the lowest notes.

How many holes does a recorder have in all?

The recorder is a more well-known fipple flute than the tin whistle and has 10 holes. 2 pairs of the holes are very close to one another and are often covered at the same time.

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