Who had the power during the Salem witch trials?

Who had the power during the Salem witch trials?

Power dynamics played a significant role in the Salem Witch Trials—the first accusers powerless within the framework of Puritan society, thus readily and greedily grasping the power granted them by their supposed possession.

Who stopped the witch trials?

What a horrible mess to have to clean up. Today is October 12, 2017, and on this date, 325 years back, in 1692, Governor Sir William Phips issued a declaration effectively ending the Salem Witch Trials.

Was anyone found innocent in the Salem witch trials?

The Salem witch trials were a series of hearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft in colonial Massachusetts between February 1692 and May 1693. More than two hundred people were accused. Thirty were found guilty, nineteen of whom were executed by hanging (fourteen women and five men).

Who loses power in the crucible?

Act 4. By Act 4, many of the power structures that were firmly in place earlier in the play have disintegrated. Reverend Parris has fallen from his position of authority as a result of the outcomes of the trials.

Who has the most power in the crucible?

Abigail Williams

How does Abigail wield power over the girls?

Although Abigail’s power initially comes from her ability to physically threaten the girls, she also controls them by creating a hysterical atmosphere , which is believable in court. Towards the end of Act Three, Proctor and Mary Warren testify that Abigail and the girls are lying.

Why does Abigail have the most power?

Abigail has gained an enormous amount of power and authority since her introduction in Act 1, which means that she no longer has to worry as much about her reputation—anything negative that’s said about her she can lie about, and her word will be believed (as it is with Mary Warren).

Why does Abigail blame Tituba instead of someone else explain?

​a) Abigail accuses Tituba because she feels others will think witchcraft is something Tituba would likely be involved in. Also, Tituba is a slave who is outside of their community and is considered different and is also in a powerless position because she is a slave, so it is likely Abigail will be believed.

How is Ann Putnam jealous?

Ann Putnam is jealous of Rebecca Nurse and instantly uses her as a scapegoat to explain why she has lost so many children. It is easier for Ann Putnam to put blame on someone or something else than to take responsibility for the deaths. In this case, she blames Goody Nurse, witchcraft, and the devil for her misfortune.

What happened to Ann Putnam Jr?

Ann was the only one of the afflicted girls to apologize for her role in the Salem Witch Trials. She died 10 years later in 1716, at the age of 37, from unknown causes and was buried with her parents in one of the Putnam family cemeteries in Salem Village.

What was Ann Putnam Jr accused of?

Salem Witch Trials

Who was Ann Putnam in real life?

Annie Putnam (October 18, 1679 – 1716), along with Elizabeth Hubbard, Mary Walcott, Mercy Lewis, Abigail Williams and Mary Warren (Salem witch trials), was an important witness at the Salem Witch Trials of Massachusetts during the later portion of 17th-century Colonial America.

What kind of person is Ann Putnam?

Ann Putnam is a ‘death-ridden’ woman who dwells on the loss of seven children. She loves gossip and is eager to sensationalize ordinary things to achieve whatever end she has in mind. Her character provides examples of the ways in which the Salem Witch Trials were able to reach the frenzied pitch they achieved.

What finally causes Betty to wake up?

This calculated move finally puts her in a position to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor. The fact that Betty suddenly awakens after Abigail renounces the Devil only underscores Abigail’s authority and further establishes her credibility. diabolism dealings with the Devil or devils, as by sorcery or witchcraft.

Why is Reverend Parris so worried about his reputation?

Why is Parris so worried about the evidence of witchcraft being discovered in his own house? Parris wants to remain minister and fears any evidence that may harm his reputation. What does Rebecca Nurse think is wrong with the girls?

Who is Reverend Parris most worried about?

Reverend Parris is most concerned about his reputation. Audiences are very aware of this concern of his early in the play. His daughter, Betty, is sick on the bed, and nobody knows what is wrong with her. His number one concern should be Betty, but instead it is his image and reputation among the people of Salem.

Why is Abigail concerned about her reputation?

Abigail believes that it is important to keep a good reputation as a young Puritan girl in her community and for her former lover, John Proctor. Towards the end of the play, Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor, John Proctor’s wife, in the attempt…

Who was the first to confess to witchcraft?


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