Who has more hits Arod or Jeter?

Who has more hits Arod or Jeter?

“Jeter was a great player and a great winning shortstop, but as far as starting a team, with offensive production, I would want A-Rod as my shortstop. Plus, A-Rod almost had 700 home runs like Ruth and Aaron.” At that point, Rose was reminded that Jeter had more hits (3,465 to 3,115), a higher average (. 310 to .

Who made more money Alex Rodriguez or Derek Jeter?

According to a Radio.com ranking from 2020, A-Rod’s $350 million net worth makes him the wealthiest baseball player by a wide margin. In second place is former teammate and Miami Marlins owner Derek Jeter at $185 million.

Was Arod a good fielder?

It took no time for him to show off his batting ability. Many of his 696 career home runs occurred when he was with the Mariners during this stretch. On top of that, he was one of the best fielders in the league. His Gold Glove would have to wait, but Rodriguez was the complete package at an early age.

Who is better Mike Trout or Derek Jeter?

Jeter for his career was worth 72.4 wins above replacement, per Baseball Reference. Trout has been worth 72.5. Jeter’s best season was 1999, when he was worth 8 wins above replacement. In Trout’s eight seasons to date, he’s been above that number six times and is a lock to make it seven this year.

Did Derek Jeter ever win World Series?

A five-time World Series champion, Jeter is regarded as one of the primary contributors to the Yankees’ success of the late 1990s and early 2000s for his hitting, base-running, fielding, and leadership.

What is Mike trouts career WAR?

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Player WAR
Paul Waner 73.9
Frank Thomas 73.8
Mike Trout 73.5
*Source: Baseball-Reference.com

Why is Mike Trout’s war so low?

It should be noted that number was that low only because he was graded as a -1.1 defender, negating his 2.1 offensive performance. Those might be the most damning WAR numbers ever, suggesting his defensive deficiencies are more than equal to his net worth.

Who has highest war of all time?

Barry Bonds

Who is the greatest baseball player of all time?

Updating and ranking the 50 greatest MLB players of all time

  1. Ken Griffey Jr. Stats: 83.8 WAR, .284 AVG, .907 OPS, 1836 RBIs.
  2. Babe Ruth. Stats: 182.5 WAR, .342 AVG, 1.164 OPS, 2214 RBIs.
  3. Ted Williams. Stats: 121.9 WAR, .344 AVG, 1.116 OPS, 1839 RBIs.
  4. Barry Bonds.
  5. Willie Mays.
  6. Nolan Ryan.
  7. Bob Gibson.
  8. Joe DiMaggio.
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