Who has the most 4th-quarter comebacks since 2016?

Who has the most 4th-quarter comebacks since 2016?


Year Player 4QC
2017 Marcus Mariota (23) 3
2017 Ben Roethlisberger (35) 3
2016 Matthew Stafford (28) 8
2015 Derek Carr (24) 4

Who has the most 4th-quarter game winning drives?

Today marked the 2nd time in Matthew Stafford’s career he has thrown a game-winning Pass TD with 0:00 left in the 4th quarter….Related.

Rank 1
Player Peyton Manning
GWD 54
Years 1998-2015
Link View Game-Winning Drives

Who is the clutchest QB of all time?

Tom Brady Brady most recently did so against the Kansas City Chiefs during the 2018 season. After that victory, Elway said, “Brady proved to be what he is, and that’s the greatest quarterback to play the game.” And there’s simply more evidence that throughout his career, Brady is undeniably the most clutch, too.

Who has the most 4th quarter interceptions?

Interceptions, 4th Quarter

Rank Name Stats
1 D. Lock 8
2t M. Ryan 6
2t R. Wilson 6
4 N. Mullens 5

How many 4th quarter comebacks does Patrick Mahomes?

Since 2018, in 46 games including the playoffs, a Mahomes-led Chiefs team has been tied or trailing during the entire fourth quarter only 15 times.

How many 4th quarter comebacks does Mitch trubisky have?

5 Fourth Quarter Comebacks, 7 Game-Winning Drives

Rk Year AY/A
5 2019 9.29
6 2019 5.59
Rk Year AY/A
7 2020 8.39

Who has the most 4th quarter comebacks in a season?


Player 4QC Link
Peyton Manning+ (33) 7 View Comebacks
Drew Brees (39) 6 View Comebacks
Ed Brown (34) 6 View Comebacks
John Elway+ (25) 6 View Comebacks

How long has Patrick Mahomes dated his fiance?

Patrick Mahomes and His Fiancée Brittany Matthews Have Been Together for Over 8 Years.

How old is Brittany Matthews Mahomes girlfriend?


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