Who hit most sixes in 2008 IPL?

Who hit most sixes in 2008 IPL?

Sanath Jayasuriya

Which IPL season has most sixes?

8899 – the total number of sixes hit in IPL from 2008 to 2020. 145: The number of sixes hit Chennai Super Kings during season 2018. This is the maximum number of sixes hit by any side in a single IPL season….

Sixes 145
Teams Chennai Super Kings
Year 2018
Matches 16
Balls 1879

How many sixes are in all IPL seasons?

List of Number of Sixes hit in each season of IPL

IPL season Number of total sixes
2019 784
2012 727
2014 714
2017 705

Who smashed the most number of sixes in IPL 2009?

Adam Gilchrist

Who hit most sixes in IPL 2013?

IPL Stats: Most Sixes for each team in IPL 2013

  • Aaron Finch: Pune Warriors India (16 Sixes)
  • Shane Watson: Rajasthan Royals (22 Sixes)
  • David Miller: Kings XI Punjab (24 Sixes)
  • MS Dhoni: Chennai Super Kings (25 Sixes)
  • Kieron Pollard: Mumbai Indians (29 Sixes)
  • Chris Gayle: Royal Challenger Bangalore (51 Sixes)

Which IPL team has most fans in 2013?

Knight Riders

Who hit most sixes in IPL 2012?

Chris Gayle

Who hit most sixes in IPL 2014?

Glenn Maxwell

Who hit most sixes in IPL 2016?

AB de Villiers

How many sixes are there in IPL 2012?

Most Sixes in IPL 2012

Player Matches Sixes
Shikhar Dhwana 15 18
Rohit Sharma 17 18
F du Plessis 13 17
David Hussey 16 17

Who won 2013 IPL?

Mumbai Indians

Who won in 2011 IPL?

Chennai Super Kings

Who won yesterday’s CSK vs RCB match?

Ravinda Jadeja for #CSK vs #RCB: – Batting: 62 off 28 balls, 4 fours, 5 sixes, 36 runs in the final over….IPL 2021 points table ahead of CSK vs RCB.

Won 2
Lost 3
Net RR -0.428
Pts 4

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