Who influenced Kalam?

Who influenced Kalam?

Dr. kalam’s cousin Samsuddin influenced him a lot in early life .

How did Abdul Kalam influence his childhood?

In his childhood he was greatly influenced by his parents. His father, Jainulabdeen, was not highly educated but he was a generous and kind person. Abdul inherited honesty and self-discipline from his father and faith in goodness and deep kindness from his mother.

Who were the major influence in the life of Abdul Kalam as a child and what did they teach him?

Parents ,teachers and friends played a major role in Abdul Kalam’s life. Adual Kalam’s family was poor and even in that condition they were ready to teach him . They also encouraged him in many ways. His teachers also helped him to get scholarship in studies .

How did Kalam spiritual upbringing help him later in life?

Ans:- Kalam was immensely inspired by his father’s advice from his childhood. Kalam throughout his life followed his father’s words in his world of science and technology. He always tried to understand the fundamental truths revealed to him by his father. He felt convinced that there existed divine power.

How did Sivasubramania Iyer teach Abdul Kalam to change the system?

Answer: he did so by calling him to dinner with him once and then again because at that time some orthodox people believed it inauspicious for the other religion to eat in their kitchen…. you can also mention that his teacher told him that these type of problems have to be confronted in order to change the system….

Why did Kalam’s father say Khali Gibran’s words your children are not *?

Answer: since kalam’s mother is worried about him living away from them. kalam’s father had to quote khali gibrans words “Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

Does the seagull not fly across the sun alone and without a nest I who is the speaker *?

(ii) Kalam’s father said that he knew that one day Kalam had to go away to grow. He gave him the analogy of a seagull that flies across the sun alone and without a nest.

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