Who is a reticent person?

Who is a reticent person?

1 : inclined to be silent or uncommunicative in speech : reserved. 2 : restrained in expression, presentation, or appearance the room has an aspect of reticent dignity— A. N. Whitehead. 3 : reluctant.

What is it called when someone refuses to talk?

The original meaning of reticent describes someone who doesn’t like to talk. Be careful in your context, however. Reticent can refer to someone who is restrained and formal, but it can also refer to someone who doesn’t want to draw attention to herself or who prefers seclusion to other people.

What cause a person reticent from the society?

This study identifies that learners’ reticence can be explained by a variety of reasons including keeping group harmony, the fear of losing face, the fear of showing off, the teachers’ intolerance of silence, and the insufficient wait-time.

Is it good to be reticent?

This may be because talking things out with someone, a particularly useful coping strategy in stressful situations, can lighten a person’s emotional burden. Emotional reticence can also contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety, conditions that correlate with life dissatisfaction.

What is the difference between reluctant and reticent?

To be reluctant is to be unwilling to do something. To be reticent is to be unwilling to speak or reveal your thoughts.

Is reticent same as reluctant?

While ‘reticent’ originally meant “inclined to be silent,” it can now also be used as a synonym for ‘reluctant’—most often in the case of reluctant communication. When reticent means “reluctant” or “hesitant” today, it often does so in the context of reluctant communication of one kind or another.

What is another word for reticent?

Frequently Asked Questions About reticent Some common synonyms of reticent are reserved, secretive, silent, and taciturn. While all these words mean “showing restraint in speaking,” reticent implies a reluctance to speak out or at length, especially about one’s own affairs.

What is the opposite of reticent?

Antonyms: self-asserting, self-assertive, demonstrative, voluble, assertive. Synonyms: restrained, guarded, moderate, untalkative, retiring, self-effacing, quiet, unemotional.

What is the meaning of reticent in Urdu?

Reticent Meaning in English to Urdu is خاموش, as written in Urdu and Khamosh, as written in Roman Urdu. There are many synonyms of Reticent which include Bashful, Close, Hesitant, Mum, Reserved, Restrained, Shy, Silent, Taciturn, Uncommunicative, Unforthcoming, Unspeaking, Dried Up, Clammed Up, Dummied Up, etc.

How do you use reticent in a sentence?

Reticent sentence example

  1. Even the reticent members participated enthusiastically.
  2. Thornton was equally reticent about both issues when I spoke to him.
  3. He is initially reticent , unsure of the motives for my questions.
  4. He was reticent to do anything about the problem.

What does disinclined mean?

disinclined, hesitant, reluctant, loath, averse mean lacking the will or desire to do something indicated. disinclined implies lack of taste for or inclination. disinclined to move again disinclined for reading hesitant implies a holding back especially through fear or uncertainty.

What is the definition of expansive?

1 : having a capacity or a tendency to expand. 2 : causing or tending to cause expansion. 3a : characterized by high spirits, generosity, or readiness to talk : open grew expansive after dinner.

What is an expansive person?

friendly, open, or talkativean expansive person. grand or extravagantan expansive way of life. psychiatry lacking restraint in the expression of feelings, esp in having delusions of grandeur or being inclined to overvalue oneself or one’s work.

What is another word for expansive?

Expansive Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for expansive?

wide broad
extensive wide-ranging
comprehensive thorough
all-embracing inclusive
widespread far-reaching

What is expansive interpretation?

1 able or tending to expand or characterized by expansion. 2 wide; extensive. 3 friendly, open, or talkative.

What’s the opposite of expansive?

What is the opposite of expansive?

limited narrow
determinate short
poor inadequate
imperfect specializedUS
circumscribed exclusive

What does it mean reluctant?

: feeling or showing aversion, hesitation, or unwillingness reluctant to get involved also : having or assuming a specified role unwillingly a reluctant hero.

How do you use the word reticent?

What is the synonym of reluctant?

other words for reluctant

  • cautious.
  • circumspect.
  • hesitant.
  • loath.
  • shy.
  • slow.
  • uncertain.
  • wary.

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