Who is faster werewolf or vampire?

Who is faster werewolf or vampire?

We all know vampires are extremely strong and fast, but werewolves are faster and stronger and they have the advantage of being pack hunters – so rarely hunt alone. To their credit, vampires are extremely agile and this would give them the edge to be able to dodge paintballs travelling at 100mph.

Can a wolf kill a vampire?

These creatures are the most dangerous enemies of vampires due to their venomous bite, which is lethal to them. Werewolves are also hardwired to kill vampires on sight in their wolf form, though they still hunt human prey whenever there are no vampires to kill.

Are werewolves weaker than vampires?

Werewolves aren’t weak they are just weak in comparison to Vampires and Witches. If you got rid of those two species werewolves would seem much stronger. Because on 29.5/30 days they cannot turn. They’re stronger than humans, but weaker than vampires on those days.

Can a werewolf bite kill a vampire?

Werewolf bites cannot kill an Original Vampire, as Elijah Mikaelson mentioned to Elena Gilbert when they were talking about how to kill Klaus Mikaelson. The venom is potent enough to cause a vampire to have strong hallucinations and to quickly deteriorate from the bite, more so than that of a werewolf or hybrid.

Can a vampire bite a werewolf?

If a vampire bites a werewolf it would generally do nothing except hurt it. However, if the vampire gives his blood to a werewolf his/her DNA would be altered thus leading a hybrid specie.

What happens if a vampire bites a zombie?

If a vampire bit a zombie and drank all its blood, the zombie would be weaker and wouldn’t be able to eat human brains any more. Then the rest of the vampires would overpower all the zombies on Earth! The vampire could drain all the blood from the zombie and it would die.

What are zombies weakness?

Strengths: Zombies never stop pursuing the potential victim unless they are killed, or completely disabled. In some cases, they can be distracted but only before engaging the victim. Weaknesses: The main weakness of zombies lies with their inability to move fast and their almost non existent reflexes’.

What happens if a human bites a zombie?

By biting into its victim a zombie allows its infected blood & saliva to enter the bite wound, assuring that even if they survive the zombie attack, the virus has already bested them. Even if the victim is killed by the zombie, it’s possible for the virus to reanimate the corpse.

Who would win a vampire or zombie?

Vampires would win. Because even if we go with the modern world war Z zombies the Vampires would win. The reasons well to start with vampires natural lifespan is well they are immortal unless killed in various ways.

Who would win zombie or werewolf?

Between werewolves and zombies, werewolves would win because they can tear the zombies apart quickly and easily. Between werewolves and vampires, vampire would win but it would be a pretty tough fight. It would still depend on the number of creatures and their abilities.

Are vampires undead?

In most depictions, vampires are “undead”—that is to say, having been somehow revived after death—and many are said to rise nightly from their graves or coffins, often necessarily containing their native soil.

Why vampires are better than zombies?

Vampires can fly, wear bespoke suits, and are way more cunning. Oh, and, unlike zombies, their brains haven’t been ravaged. They sometimes have superhuman strength, too. Vampires hate the sunlight, so don’t come out during the day – which gives you time to hang out with the kids, go shopping, and stock up on garlic.

Can a zombie become a vampire?

No. The zombie does not become a vampire, the vampire does not become a zombie. Both “zombie” and “vampire” are templates to be applied to create new monsters, and the requirement for both “vampire” and “zombie” is to be applied to a currently living being.

What is the difference between a zombie and a vampire?

Both vampires and zombies are creatures of the night. Vampires feed on human blood while zombies feed on human brains. Obviously, vampires are better looking than zombies. Zombies may not have the brain but they have the heart; whereas vampires have the brain but they are regarded as heartless (until recently).

What is the difference between vampires and werewolves?

Werewolves are mortal and age just like humans while vampires don’t age and are immortal (except for some things that can kill them like sunlight and garlic). Werewolves are, in fact, human for much of their life. Their diet is like humans in contrast with vampires, who drink blood.

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