Who is founder of Hausa kingdom?

Who is founder of Hausa kingdom?

The Hausa Kingdoms began as seven states founded according to the Bayajidda legend by the six sons of Bawo and himself, the son of the hero and Magajiya Daurama in addition to the hero’s son, Biram or Ibrahim, of an earlier marriage.

Is Ilorin safe?

Ilorin is one of the safest cities in Nigeria. From the serenity and welcoming atmosphere to its people, you can best be assured of unfailing security. Although, the recent political atmosphere is stirring some dusts but the city is stillrl relatively peaceful.

Is Ilorin Yoruba land?

With the subdivision of the country’s administrative regions in 1967, Ilorin became part of West Central (later Kwara) state. Modern Ilorin is mainly inhabited by Muslim Yoruba people, although its traditional ruler is a Yoruba-speaking Fulani emir.

How did Islam enter Yoruba land?

Islam in Ancient Yoruba is referred to as Esin Imale (religion of the malians) as the earliest introduction of the religion to that region was through Malian itinerant traders (Wangara Traders) around the 14th century. Large-scale conversion to Islam happened in the 18th-19th centuries.

How did afonja die?

Using the advantage of language which Afonja and his core Yoruba commanders did not have, his forces were infiltrated and a revolt instigated against him. He was finally killed in 1817, after which Abd Salaam declared himself emir and pledged allegiance to Sokoto Caliphate in 1824.

Who is the king of Kwara?

Ibrahim Kolapo Sulu Gambari

Ibrahim Sulu Gambari
Assumed office 1995
Chairman, Kwara State Council of Traditional Rulers
Personal details
Born Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria

Is Ibrahim Gambari Yoruba?

Ibrahim Agboola Gambari was born on 24 November 1944 in Ilorin, Kwara State to a Fulani ruling class family. Gambari attended King’s College, Lagos. He subsequently attended the London School of Economics where he obtained his B.

Who is the first king in Ilorin?


Start End Ruler
1891 1896 Moma dan Zubayru
1896 14 January 1914 Sulaymanu dan Aliyu
1915 November 1919 Shuaybu Bawa dan Zubayru
17 February 1920 June 1959 Abdulkadir dan Shuaybu Bawa

What is the meaning of Kwara?

Kwara means ‘Sea’ or ‘Lake’ of the Nupes.”

When was Niger State created?


What is the slogan of Kwara?

The following table presents a listing of Nigerian states’ nicknames….List of Nigerian states’ nicknames.

State Nickname
Kwara State State of Harmony
Lagos State Centre of Excellence
Nasarawa State Home of Solid Minerals
Niger State The Power State

What is the motto of Nigeria?

Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress

Who is the current Minister of Petroleum?

Hardeep Singh Puri

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