Who is the most famous celebrity in Oregon?

Who is the most famous celebrity in Oregon?

You May Be Surprised To Learn These 12 Famous People Are From Oregon

  • 12) River Phoenix, Madras.
  • 11) Matt Groening, Portland.
  • 10) Holly Madison, Astoria.
  • 9) Ndamukong Suh, Portland.
  • 8) Ty Burrell, Grants Pass.
  • 7) Lisa Rinna, raised in Medford.
  • 6) Kaitlin Olson, Portland.
  • 5) Sally Struthers, Portland.

Who is someone famous from Oregon?

Famous People From Oregon

  • 1 River Phoenix. . 193. Listed In: Film & Theater Personalities.
  • 2 Tonya Harding. . 146. Listed In: Sportspersons.
  • 3 Matt Groening. . 230. Listed In: Media Personalities.
  • 4 Katee Sackhoff. . 124.
  • 5 Kaitlin Olson. . 51.
  • 6 Lisa Brennan-Jobs. . 53.
  • 7 Phil Knight. . 1175.
  • 8 Paige VanZant. . 40.

Who are two famous people Oregon?

List of people from Oregon

  • State flag of Oregon.
  • Location of Oregon in the United States.
  • Obo Addy, musician.
  • Blanche Bates, actress.
  • Ty Burrell, actor.
  • Beverly Cleary, author.
  • James Dutton, astronaut.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury, outfielder for the New York Yankees.

What actors live in Portland Oregon?

Top 10 Portland Celebrities

  • of 10. Matt Groening. Corbis via Getty Images / Getty Images.
  • of 10. Chuck Palahniuk. Franco Origlia / Contributor / Getty Images.
  • of 10. Gus Van Sant.
  • of 10. Elliot Smith.
  • of 10. James Beard.
  • of 10. Courtney Love.
  • of 10. Carrie Brownstein.
  • of 10. Beverly Cleary.

What do you call a person from Portland?

A person who lives in or comes from Portland, Oregon is called a Portlander.

Do any celebrities live in Portland?

Another of the celebrities from Oregon is Gus Van Sant. He has lived in Portland for over 30 years. There are even more famous people who live in Oregon. Evil Dead actor Bruce Campbell has lived in Southern Oregon since 1998.

Do any famous people live in Bend or?

Famous people from Bend, Oregon

  • Paul William Hait. Born in the city of Pasadena, California, Hait is a retired professional swimmer and former world record-holder in the Olympics.
  • Christopher Lee Horner.
  • Donald M.
  • Philip Hampson Knight.
  • Christina “Kiki” Cutter.

Why do they say keep Portland weird?

History. The slogan was created with the intention of supporting local businesses and small business owners. It was based on the Keep Austin Weird organization and slogan in Austin, Texas, and was brought to Portland in 2003 by Music Millennium owner Terry Currier after he learned of the movement in Austin.

What are the bad areas of Portland?

Taken together, five east Portland neighborhoods – Hazelwood, Lents, Powellhurst-Gilbert, Centennial and Montavilla – topped the ranks of most dangerous neighborhoods due to their nexus of high crime, fires and the fact that they are home to some of the city’s deadliest intersections.

Is Portland Oregon water safe to drink?

Portland’s water is safe to drink for the general population. Those people may consider drinking bottled water or using a water filter and can find additional information in this educational brochure.

Why is Oregon tap water so good?

Oregon: Oregon’s water supply has tested incredibly clean as the majority of Portland’s water flows from the pristine Bull Run Watershed. Test results on the watersheds two reservoirs show very low levels of naturally occurring contaminants like giardia and bacteria.

Why is Portland water so expensive?

Portland’s water costs are way out of wack compared to other areas due to bonds put in place to pay for the “Big Pipe”. This was actually a huge deal – as the Willamette River was getting a LOT of sewage overflow that was causing all kinds of problems.

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