Who is the present Speaker of Legislative Assembly?

Who is the present Speaker of Legislative Assembly?

Karnataka Legislative Assembly
Founded 1881
Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri, BJP since 31 July 2019
Deputy Speaker Anand Chandrashekhar Mamani, BJP since 24 March 2020

Who is current chief minister of Goa?

Pramod SawantSince 2019

How many constituency are there in Goa?

Presently, it comprises 40 members who are directly elected from single-seat constituencies….List of constituencies of the Goa Legislative Assembly.

Goa Legislative Assembly
Term limits 5 years
Seats 40
Voting system First past the post

Who was the first Speaker of Legislative Assembly?

Central Legislative Assembly
Disbanded 14 August 1947
Succeeded by Constituent Assembly of India
President Sir Frederick Whyte (first) Ganesh Vasudev Mavalankar (last)

Who is the Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha 2020?

PM congratulates Thambi Durai on his unanimous election as Deputy Speaker.

Who is the head of Lok Sabha?

Leader of the House in Lok Sabha

Leader of the House in Lok Sabha Lok Sabhā ke Sadana ke Netā
State Emblem of India
Flag of India
Incumbent Narendra Modi since 26 May 2014
Member of Lok Sabha

Who was the first Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha?

Madabhushi Ananthasayanam Ayyangar (4 February 1891 – 19 March 1978) was the first Deputy Speaker and then Speaker of the Lok Sabha in the Indian Parliament.

Who was the first deputy prime minister of India *?

The first was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel of the Indian National Congress party, who was sworn in on 15 August 1947, when India gained independence from the British Raj. Serving until his death in December 1950, Patel remains India’s longest-serving deputy prime minister.

Who are the deputy speakers of parliament?

There are two Deputy Speakers who are elected from among the members of parliament by the members. Both deputy speakers cannot be from the same political party. The current Deputy Speakers are the MP for Bekwai, Joseph Osei-Owusu, of the New Patriotic Party and MP for Fomena, Andrew Asiamah Amoako, an Independent MP.

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